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The Second Baccalaureate degree is intended for students who do not have a degree in computing or who have a non-technical degree and are looking to move into a technical discipline.

For students whose first degree was from another institution other than UC Irvine:

Applications will be accepted for the Fall quarter only. Applications must be submitted during the filing period in order to be considered for Fall admission. Detailed information on the application procedure can be found on the UCI Office of Undergraduate Admissions website.

For students whose first degree was completed at UC Irvine:

Applications are accepted for any quarter. Former UCI students are admitted via the campus’ readmission policy. Former UCI students must meet with an ICS academic counselor to

  • discuss admission for the Second Baccalaureate, and
  • process the readmission application.

All interested individuals must adhere to the readmission deadlines that are set by the Registrar’s Office.

» ICS Second Baccalaureate Degrees and Admissions Requirements

Please note:

  • Second Baccalaureate Students may not change majors once admitted into an ICS program.
  • Minors cannot be completed as a Second Baccalaureate student.
  • Double majors cannot be completed as a Second Baccalaureate student.
  • General Education requirements do not need to be completed as a Second Baccalaureate student.

» Tips for Second Baccalaureate Applicants

Applications cannot be considered or activated until all required coursework is completed and relevant transcripts are received. The bachelor’s degree must be conferred and listed on a student’s transcript before an application can be reviewed.

Required coursework may be completed at UCI or with equivalent courses taken at an accredited institution. Courses taken at a four-year in-state or out-of-state institution can be examined by UC Irvine faculty through a petition process to determine equivalency. Courses taken at an out-of-state two year institution can also be examined through the petition process to determine equivalency. To determine equivalency, a course syllabus/outline with a course description, weekly topics, and a textbook (if necessary) must be submitted through the Syllabus Review Form. Syllabi will only be reviewed for those admitted to the program.

Articulation agreements between California community colleges and the Bren School of ICS can be found at

Courses may be taken at UCI through Concurrent Enrollment via UCI Division of Continuing Education. For more information about Concurrent Enrollment and the process, contact the UCI Division of Continuing Education.

Grade point averages as stated in the policy are required. If you complete several math and computer science courses and find you are not earning high enough grades, you may need to reconsider your decision to apply for a second baccalaureate degree in ICS. The academic counselors in ICS are available to discuss your chances of being admitted to the program and to help you to identify other options.