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Our students are among the nation’s best and brightest. Their passion, energy, and ingenuity are reshaping our understanding of and interaction with the digital world around us. Many of these promising scholars – a significant portion of whom are the first in their families to go to college – face serious financial challenges. Supporting their development is one of our top priorities.

There are several ways to support ICS students, from scholarships and fellowships to general funds that help with student engagement. Please consider making a gift to ensure our students and faculty have the resources to thrive.

Donor Spotlights

Supporting Student Success

Paul Butterworth, M.S. ’81, B.S. ’74: "Education is where we can have the biggest impact."

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A Chain of Giving Back

Rosalva Gallardo Valencia, Ph.D. '12: “You don’t need to have a lot to give. You just need the determination to give."

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Paving the Way for Others

Jim Hobbs '73: "UCI provided me an excellent education at a very modest cost. I appreciate what I learned through my study and work at UCI, so I was happy to do something that would help other students in ICS."

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Hooked on Computing

Greg Hopwood, Ph.D. ’78: "As others had helped me, I want to help future ICS students to learn, create and contribute to our society."

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