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ICS offers a wealth of career development and professional networking opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students through project-oriented capstone courses, student organizations, recruiting events, and a variety of campus-wide professional programs.

ICS Capstone Courses
All undergraduate majors and professional master’s programs in ICS provide first-class experiential learning opportunities that through capstone courses. During these 10- or 20-week courses, ICS students develop in-depth technical expertise, gain invaluable soft skills, and network with future employers by working on real-world projects that are typically provided by industry, non-profits, educational institutions, and government organizations.

ICS Student Organizations
A variety of career development and professional networking opportunities are offered through the ICS student organizations. These vibrant student-run groups routinely host tech talks, mentoring events with alums and recruiters, and hackathons. They also serve as communities that help ICS students develop their interests outside the classroom, from artificial intelligence and computer game design to community outreach and participation in national/international programming competitions.

ICS Recruiting Events

  • ICS Industry Showcase: Every fall quarter, ICS hosts 40+ industry partners who come to campus to recruit ICS undergraduate and graduate students for summer internships and full-time positions.
  • ICS Project Expo: Every spring quarter, hundreds of ICS students in undergraduate capstone courses and the ICS Honors Program showcase their work to corporate sponsors, recruiters, and the community.
  • Professional Master’s Capstone Projects Expos: The ICS professional master’s programs organize capstone project showcase events for corporate sponsors, recruiters, and the community every spring quarter (Computer Science), fall quarter (Data Science, Software Engineering), and summer (Human-Computer Interaction and Design)

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Other Career Development Programs

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