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Four Steps to Becoming a Capstone Project Partner:

Step 1: Complete the Project Scoping Form
Step 2: Read the Partner Guide for best practices
Step 3: Schedule a 30-minute project scope qualification meeting
Step 4: Submit a 2-3 minute “pitch video” of the project, which will be shared with students during the selection process (videos should be an MP4 file, not exceed 3-minutes, and recorded in landscape/wide orientation)

The Donald Bren School of Information and Computer Sciences is inviting industry partners across the board, from start-ups and non-profits to mid-size and established corporations, to work with teams of ICS undergraduate or graduate students on capstone projects.

Capstone projects take place over 10 or 20 weeks (one or two quarters) during the academic year and enable ICS students to engage with regional, national, and global organizations around projects motivated by real-world problems. Project topics tie into cutting-edge areas of computing and information technology, including artificial intelligence and data analytics, cybersecurity, web applications, online services, cloud computing, and mobile applications, to name a few.

Capstone project partners often rely on capstone projects to explore new ideas or proof-of-concept prototypes, and the hands-on learning for students may translate into practical solutions down the road. For the vast majority of students and partners, the benefits extend beyond impressive portfolios and innovative prototypes, providing an informed path to professional development for students and talent recruiting for industry partners.

MAY 29, 2024

Partnership Options and Project Timelines

Capstone partners are encouraged to support the ICS Capstone Projects through philanthropic gifts, via our Corporate Partners Program.

Please view the Capstone Program Overview for information on the schedule and timeline of capstone project courses. Typically, partners engage in project scoping conversations with our corporate relations team and faculty mentors several months in advance of the target start date. At the beginning of a capstone course, partners pitch their proposed projects to the students, and faculty mentors facilitate the process of matching projects with student teams.

Capstone Projects & Pitch Videos

Draw inspiration for your pitch video by watching what other sponsors have done in the past.