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Second Baccalaureate in Data Science

The following minimum requirements must be complete prior to applying for a DS Second Baccalaureate:

  1. A GPA of at least 2.7 in first bachelor’s degree from a four year institution.
  2. Choose 2 courses from the following: ICS 31, ICS 32, ICS 33, ICS 45C, ICS 46, ICS 51, INF 43, or equivalents.
  3. Choose an additional 2 courses from: Math 2A, Math 2B, ICS 6B, ICS 6D, ICS 6N, Stats 7, or equivalents.
  4. A combined GPA of at least 2.7 and no grade lower than a “C” on all courses taken above.

*Please note that AP exam scores do NOT count toward the computing course criteria for admission. If you have credit for one or more of the required courses through an AP Exam, know that you must take an additonal required course from our approved list to meet the requirements.

*Applicants that meet the minimum requirements are NOT guaranteed admission, but all applications will be given a comprehensive review.

ICS 6B-D-N: This is a yearlong sequence in discrete mathematics. It is a sequence designed for our computing majors and covers combinatorics and graph theory, logic and boolean algebra, and linear algebra.

Math 2A-B and Stats 7: This is a year of calculus and basic statistics. A standard, yearlong sequence in calculus at another institution is normally considered equivalent to Math 2A-B. Stats 7 has equivalents available at a community college or may have been satisfied via the AP Statistics exam.

ICS 31, 32, 32, 45C, 46 and 51: This is the UCI introductory sequence in computer science. It covers history, computer system fundamentals, productivity tools, an introduction to programming and problem solving, literacy topics in computer science, data structures and algorithms, and an introduction to system architecture.

Informatics 43: Concepts, methods, and current practice of software engineering. Large-scale software production, software life cycle models, principles and techniques for each stage of development. Laboratory project applying these concepts.