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ICS Research Areas

Research Loop

View Bayesian Statistics

Bayesian Statistics

A probabilistic framework that integrates prior knowledge with new data to update and refine probability …

View Biostatistics


The application of statistical methods to analyze and interpret data in the fields of biology …

View Computer Graphics and Vision

Computer Graphics and Vision

Generating, capturing, representing, rendering and interacting with synthetic and real-world images and video...

View CS Education

CS Education

Developing learning and teaching tools for information and computer sciences.

View Digital Media and Learning

Digital Media and Learning

Exploring the intersection of technology, education, and communication to understand and enhance how individuals acquire …

View Genomics


An interdisciplinary field focusing on the structure, function, evolution, mapping and editing of genomes

View IT and Organizations

IT and Organizations

Exploring the relationship between information technology and how organizations operate.

View Sustainability and Computing

Sustainability and Computing

Developing innovative ways to use and develop computational technologies to address environmental and societal challenges …