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The ICS Student Council (ICSSC) held WebJam 2022, a weeklong hackathon where students learn to build web applications, from Nov. 14-18. ICSSC, Hack at UCI and Commit the Change also held educational workshops throughout the week. Below are the three winning projects from WebJam 2022.

First Place: ZotPals

On ZotPals, Anteaters can post pictures of their creations, collections and many more items for the UCI community to see. Students can write comments on posts, similar to various social media apps. The items shared on the platform can also be borrowed for a certain amount of time by submitting a borrow request.

ZotPals was created by:

  • Katy Huang – second-year computer science major
  • Jessie He – second-year computer science major
  • Dang Nguyen – second-year computer science major
  • Steven Zhou – second-year computer science major

Second Place: Rattle

Rattle is a multiplayer and multi-round game that first prompts users to choose their own character from three options, one of which is Petr. The objective is to use your mouse to draw the most complex strokes you can. Complex strokes allow you to out-rap your opponent and win the game.

Rattle was created by:

  • Bryant Phan – second-year computer science major
  • Tyler Yu – second-year computer science major
  • Casey Tran – third-year computer science major
  • Dylan Vu – third-year computer science major

Third Place: TypeJam

According to the TypeJam team: “TypeJam is a multiplayer typing game where players complete typing tests as fast as possible, competing against other users. Users will be able to input a nickname and will be sent to a room with other users. They are initially required to complete three lines worth of words but if a user types ten consecutive words without any errors, other users in the room will be required to complete an additional five words. This was inspired by both TypeRacer and Tetris Friends.”

TypeJam was created by:

– Karen Phan