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Stephen Schueller

At the broadest level, Schueller’s work aims to improve access to and knowledge about effective and scalable mental health treatments. Much of this work has focus on leveraging technology to improve access to and accessibility of mental health services. This work is situated at the intersection of clinical psychology, human-computer interaction, and implementation science. In his research, he develops, evaluates, and implements digital mental health assessments and interventions including Internet websites, mobile apps, and wearable devices. Interventions he develops draw from diverse influences, including cognitive and behavioral practices and positive psychology.  He also leads One Mind PsyberGuide, a project that identifies, evaluates, and disseminates information about digital mental health products in order to empower consumers to make informed choices about these resources. This project has led him to better understand how people are using a variety of technologies to better manage and improve their mental health and well-being.