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Qi Alfred Chen

Chen’s research interest broadly lies in the security and privacy of computer technologies that are of high criticality to our daily life and society. So far, his focus has been mainly on the security/privacy issues in emerging AI/systems/network technologies, especially the latest ones with high societal impacts such as those powering the emerging AI-enabled autonomous vehicles and intelligent transportation systems.

The major theme of Chen’s research is to proactively address security challenges through systematic problem analysis and design, leveraging techniques such as optimization, static/dynamic program analysis, formal methods, defense principles, and data-driven methods. His research has developed such approaches to systematically discover, analyze, detect, and fix security vulnerabilities in a wide range of important computer systems and components such as the AI/software stack in emerging autonomous cars/drones/robots, intelligent traffic light, smartphone systems, critical network protocols (e.g., TCP), DNS, GUI systems, access control systems, etc.


Ph.D., Computer Science & Engineering, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

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