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ICS students are encouraged to study abroad. However, it is critical that students plan ahead well in advance of departure. Review the important info below.

1. Apply to Your Study Abroad Program

  • Visit the Study Abroad Center for more information.
  • Students are recommended to study abroad between their 1st and 3rd year.
  • Summer study abroad programs work best for timely academic planning.

2. Start Planning Your Courses

  • Are you planning to take major, GE, or elective courses? Use the Catalogue to find similar courses.
  • Schedule an appointment to meet with a counselor: Encouraged for 1st-3rd years; and required for students wanting to study abroad in their senior year or last 3 quarters of study.

3. Request a Syllabi Review

  • You can begin this process once you have been accepted to your program and have a robust syllabus of the course(s).
  • This form can be found on our Petitions page (estimated processing time is 3-4 weeks).

4. When You Return

  • Once your units are posted on your transcript, you can request a degreeworks update (if you were approved for GE or major credit)
  • Schedule an appointment to meet with a counselor to discuss any remaining degree requirements (recommended).

Please note:

  • All students must submit the ICS Academic Planning Form before submitting the study abroad application. Once you submit the form, you will receive an email confirmation of your responses. Please upload this email to your UCIAbroad account by the Campus Approval deadline.
  • In rare instances, if student has completed their degree requirements or are not making progress towards their degree in a timely manner school approval for Study Abroad may be denied.
  • For Business Information Management (BIM) students: All core MGMT courses must be taken at UCI.