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Master’s Program Comparison

ICS offers two kinds of master’s programs, as outlined in the table below: Research-oriented M.S. and Professional Master’s.

NameMaster of Science in Computer ScienceMaster of Science in Networked SystemsMaster of Science in Software EngineeringMaster of Science in InformaticsMaster of Science in StatisticsMaster of Computer ScienceMaster of Data ScienceMaster of Embedded and Cyber-physical SystemsMaster of Software EngineeringMaster of Human-Computer Interaction and Design
ClassificationMaster of ScienceProfessional Master
FocusResearchProfessional Career
Target populationGraduates of Computer Science and/or EngineeringGraduates of Computer Science and/or EngineeringGraduates of Computer Science and/or EngineeringAll graduates Graduates with background in statistics, mathematics, or computing Graduates with experience in programming, discrete mathematics, linear algebra and statistics Graduates with experience in programming, mathematics, linear algebra and statisticsGraduates of Computer Engineering, Computer Science, and Electrical EngineeringGraduates with programming experience All graduates
Target careersResearch & Advanced Development, and Academic Careers Computer Scientists, Software Engineers Data ScientistEmbedded Systems Engineers Software Engineers UX and Product Designers
AttendanceOn campus On campus On CampusOn campus On campus Online (Mostly)
Units / CoursesMinimum 47 / 14 Minimum 44 / 11 Minimum 48 / 12 Minimum 56 / 14 Minimum 49.5 / 12 50 / 1348 / 1148 / 11 49.3 / 1736 / 9
Time to degree5-6 quarters (normative time 2 years) 5 quarters 5 quarters5 quarters 5 quarters 4 quarters
Tuition2023-2024 Tuition and Fees
2023-2024 Tuition and Fees
Health insuranceGSHIP ( is required and part of all tuitions/fees, unless you're approved for a waiver.GSHIP ( is required and part of all tuitions/fees, unless you're approved for a waiver.Not required
Part-time allowed?Yes, Domestic students onlyNoYes for domestic studentsNoYes, mandatory for domestic students working full-timeNo
Financial aidDomestic students only: Federal and private loansLimited, domestic students onlyLimitedLimited, domestic students onlyLimitedLimited
ScheduleDayEvening (Mostly)Evening (Mostly)DayLate afternoonn/a
ExitThesis or examThesis or examThesisThesis or examThesis or examCapstone project
GRE required?2023-2024 GRE Requirements
2023-2024 GRE Requirements
TOEFL / IELTS required?Yes, international students onlyYes, international students only
Career developmentUCI Division of Career PathwaysDedicated career development teamDedicated career development teamCareer counselorDedicated career development teamMentors from industry
Prof. Gene TsudikProf. Ender AyanogluProf. Crista LopesProf. Melissa MazmanianProf. Yaming YuJessica Shanahan, Program DirectorBryan Munoz, Program Director Halle Gonzales, Program CoordinatorConnie Cheng, Program DirectorProf. Anne Marie Piper,
Faculty Director

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