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Graduate Fellowships & Funding Archive

Teaching Assistantships

Students can receive funding through appointments as a Teaching Assistant (TA) or Reader. Information on responsibilities, requirements and benefits can be found on the Graduate Division website here.

Interested ICS graduate students must submit an application for each quarter they wish to search as a TA or Reader. The application requirement applies to ALL students, including those on a TA/Reader fellowship.

Students are notified of their appointments via email as soon as they are assigned. Any questions about TA and Reader assignments should be directed to the Department Managers.

Fellowships for ICS Graduate Students

Fellowship and award opportunities available to ICS Graduate Students are outlined below. This is a combined list of those offered by Graduate Division and external sources. Please see the links provided in the document for more information on each fellowship or award.

To view a list of current fellowships offered by UCI Graduate Division please review the following link.

*Many fellowships have internal department deadlines 7-10 days prior to the official due date.

ICS Fellowship Recipients

• Takami Sato, Computer Science – Graduate Dean’s Dissertation Fellowship, Winter 2023
• Forough Mehralian, Software Engineering – Graduate Dean’s Dissertation Fellowship, Winter 2023
• Benedict ‘bono’ Salazar Olgado, Informatics – President’s Dissertation Year Fellowship, Winter 2023
•María José Anderson Coto, Informatics – Miguel Velez Scholarship, Fall 2022
•Takami Sato, Computer Science – Public Impact Fellowship, Fall 2022
• Benedict ‘bono’ Salazar Olgado, Informatics – Public Impact Fellowship, Fall 2022
• Andrew Chio, Computer Science – ARCS Foundation Scholar Award, Fall 2022
• Xi Lu, Informatics – ICS Steckler Family Endowed Fellowship, Spring 2022
• Ping-Xiang Chen, Computer Science – J. Yang & Family Foundation Fellowship, Winter 2022
• Richard Martinez, Informatics – Graduate Excellence Award, Latino Excellence and Achievement Awards Dinner, Winter 2022
• Mayara Costa Figueiredo, Informatics – iSchools Doctoral Dissertation Award, Winter 2022
• Lu He, Informatics – Graduate Dean’s Dissertation Fellowship, Winter 2022
• Isaac Goldstein, Statistics – La Verne Noyes Fellowship, Fall 2021
• Emory James Edwards, Informatics – Public Impact Fellowship, Fall 2021
• Barbara Martinez-Neda, Computer Science – Faculty Mentorship Program Fellowship, Spring 2021

To learn more about the following student accomplishments please check out the following page.

Fall 2022

Name Amount Criteria Requirements Due Date Source Website Awardee(s)
NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program (GRFP) $34,000 annual stipend, $12,000 cost of education allowance to institiution, supercomputer access, opportutnites to apply for the GRIP and GROW Enrolled at U.S. institution but need not be a U.S. citizen, proposals must be submitted by advisor, first year or the first semester of the second year in grad school, did not previously apply to NSF GRFP as a grad student Proposals submitted online (cover page, project summary, project description, references, biological sketches, budget, current and pending support, supplementary documentation; application review considers intellectual merit and broader impacts of research. 10/18/2022 Extramural Link

Summer 2022

Name Amount Criteria Requirements Due Date Source Website Awardee(s)
IEFV Graduate Student Fellowships $3,000 to support their research or conference travel expenses Ideal candidates will be involved in innovative research designed to further knowledge of and/or interventions in abuse. Full-time graduate student with a GPA of 3.0 or higher. A completed Student Fellowship Application, a proposed budget for use of the fellowship funds, current resume, and three letters of recommendation. 06/12/2022 UCI- Internal Link
Newkirk Graduate Student Fellowship Fellows will be awarded a $8,000 stipend and will be able to submit receipts for allowable research expenses (e.g. travel to local meetings, required books, etc.) up to $300. All UC Irvine graduate students from any academic unit who are interested in or experienced in conducting community-based research may apply. Be in your pre-dissertation phase (2nd - 4th year of graduate school during the 2022-2023 year). A letter of support from the student's graduate advisor is required. An email to the student's advisor to acknowledge and approve of the applicant's participation will be requested by RJS Co-directors as the final step before notification of award. (This fellowship does not require faculty involvement.) 07/24/2022 UCI-Internal Link
Fletcher Jones Fellowship Program $25,000 to be used as a stipend Shows financial need, Exhibits excellent interpersonal and leadership abilities, Has a UCI GPA of 3.8 or better, Has advanced to candidacy for the Ph.D, Is making satisfactory academic progress toward their degree, Is a U.S. citizen or permanent resident Note: Students planning to file their dissertation in Spring or Summer 2023 will receive the strongest consideration. UCI Fletcher Jones Fellowship Nomination Form, UCI Fletcher Jones Student Information, 100-word statement of financial need (note any gaps in support, dependents, etc.), 100-word student profile, 500-word statement by the nominee describing their research project, progress to date, and plan for completion. Nominees should describe their research in terms that are accessible to a general audience since the reviewers may not be in their field., A current CV, Letters of recommendation from the student's faculty advisor/mentor, and student's department chair or program advisor. 08/03/2022 Grad Division Link

Spring 2022

Name Amount Criteria Requirements Due Date Source Website Awardee(s)
Steckler Family Endowed Fellowship The fellowship will cover fees and tuition (if applicable), and a $10,000 quarterly stipend for the 2022-23 Academic Year. Please understand that this fellowship is in lieu of any other fellowship you currently hold. Full-time enrollment, UC Cumulative GPA of 3.5, must enroll full-time in 12 units during each quarter of fellowship tenure, must have advanced to candidacy at the time of application Current CV, Unofficial transcript, statement by the applicant of no more than 2-3 pages in length, describing their commitment and activities to promote computing to women, confidential evaluation of the student by their faculty advisor 04/28/2022 ICS- Internal Xi Lu
Microsoft Research PhD Fellowship Tuition and fees will be covered for two academic years and $42,000 USD stipend Must be in an enrolled PhD program researching a specific topic outlines on website. Application, CV, Thesis Proposal, One-page thesis summary, 3 letters of recommendation 06/10/2022 External Link
Phi Beta Kappa International $2,000 PhD or MFA student, final year of study, returning to home country after graduation, academic excellence and significant need PBK application form, faculty recommendation form, short essay on scholarly and professional ambitions, 2 letters of recommendation, justification of need, trans 2022 Date TBD (4/16/2021) Grad Division Link
National Institutes of Health (NIH) Tuition, fees, health insurance, training related expenses; limited to 5yrs for predoctoral and 3yrs for postdoctoral. Predoctoral: $23,376, Postdoctoral: stipend based on yrs of experience U.S. citizen, non-citizen national, or lawfully admitted to U.S. for permanent residence before award is issued; those with temporary student visas are ineligible. Notify academic program of application, work with faculty advisor to identify research area, begin online application; should focus on biomedical and behavioral research, applicants are assessed for overall impact and commitment to a productive, independent scientific research career in health-related field; includes sponsor's research qualifications, training potential Ongoing- Check Website External Link

Winter 2022

Name Amount Criteria Requirements Due Date Source Website Awardee(s)
J Yang & Family Foundation Fellowship $70,000 ICS CS Ph.D. student with full-time status, that attended one of the following universities National Taiwan University, National Chiao Tung University, National Tsing Hua University, National Cheng Kung University. ICS- Endowed Link Ping-Xiang Chen
iSchools Doctoral Dissertation Award External Mayara Costa Figueiredo
Cohen (Developmental Social Neuroscience) $34,000 + healthcare 2 year program post-bachelor's degree, not for concurrent graduate study/program Application, resume, transcripts, personal statement, letters of recommendation 01/07/2022 External Link
2022 LOreal USA For Women in Science Program $60,000 Grant Candidates must have completed their PhD and have started in their postdoctoral research position by the application deadline. Must be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident to apply. Application, three letters of recommendation, Proposed Research Plan, candidate statement 01/28/2022 External Link Awardee 01 , Awardee 02
UC President’s Pre-Professoriate Fellowship $30,000 stipend for one academic year, $10,000 grant to Grad Div to administer to fellow for prof. development Must have received undergrad of Master's degree from a CA Hispanic Serving Institution, advanced to candidacy, demonstrated record of advancing issues of inclusion, equity, and diversity Letters of support from faculty advisor and assoc. dean, 1-2 page statement demonstrating record of advancing issues in inclusion, equity diversity and project description, CV, IDP or summary of professional plans 01/17/2022 Grad Division Link
Graduate Opportunity Fellowship (GOF) $5,000 prior to entry, 2 years of support plus $3,000 of summer support after year 1, $3,000 summer stipends after years 2,3,4. U.S. citizen or PR, 3.0 undergrad or Master's GPA, entering Fall Quarter as 1st yr. full-time PhD student, high potential and promise, experience situations of diversity/particular impediments to academic success Nomination by academic program, student should indicate interest, personal history statement determines eligibility 02/17/2022 Grad Division Link
Eugene Cota-Robles (ECR) $25,000 stipend and payment of fees/tuition, $3,000 of support for summer, $5,000 stipend for summer 0 and the cost of UC SHIP PhD student, Interest in an academic career in teaching and research, citizen or PR og AB540 eligible, 3,0 cumulative undergrad and master's GPA, storong mentoring plan, meet the UC definition of diversity Nomination by academic program, nomination form, trans, letters of recommendation student should indicate interest, personal history statement determines eligibility 02/18/2022 Grad Division Link
NYU Tandon Faculty First Look Opportunity to engage with NYU faculty. Nearing completion of their Ph.D. or be in a post-doctoral position. Personal Statement, Dissertation Abstract, CV, LOR, Application Form 03/21/2022 External Link
Graduate Dean’s Dissertation quarterly awards, AY award of $6,000, Summer award of $5,000 Full time PhD/MFA student, near the completion of their dissertation/thesis, academic merit, need for release from non-research related employment, realistic expecation that student is near degree completion, cannot be past maximum time to degree Student information form/application, student statement, CV, nomination form, letter from committee chair 03/22/2022 Grad Division Link
Faculty Mentor Program (FMP) 1 yr of support plus $26,000 stipend, department supplement of $4,320, $500 travel stipend (non-resident tuition not covered) U.S. citizen or PR, 3.0 GPA, current PhD student in pre-advancement stage, must not be at dissertation during award tenure, high potential and promise, interest in academic career, must qualify as a diversity student, participate in meaningful research and develop an independent project for winter and spring quarters of award year, prohibited above 24% employment, must participate in tracking of programs to assess student progress and job placement. Nomination form, mentoring plan, letter of recommendation, detailed list of fellowships received, unofficial transcripts, CV. 03/22/2022 Grad Division Link
President’s Dissertation Year (PDY) 1 yr of support plus $21,600 stipend, department supplement of $4,320, $500 travel stipend (non-resident tuition not covered) Current PhD in last year of study, advanced to candidacy, will file dissertation by Summer filing deadline at end of award year, within normative time-to-degree, no previous funding for final year, Doc 2A are ineligible, participation in annual conference, must qualify as diversity student, present a seminar on research twice during award period, prohibited from TA and GSAR employment during award tenure. Student application form, unofficial transcripts, dissertation prospectus, Mentoring Plan, list of seminars to be presented, list of extramural/departmental fellowships or support, letter of recommendation, statement of intent with career goals, CV 03/22/2022 Grad Division Link
DOE Computational Science Graduate Fellowship Tuition and fees, $36,000 stipend, yearly review, $5,000 allowance 1st year, $1,000 allowance years after, 12-week research practicum, renewable up to 4 years 1st year full-time graduate student (MS or PhD without previous MS) Transcripts, GRE, PRA if applicable, references, program of study description with advisor, online submission 01/12/2022 External Link
Point Foundation LGBTQ Funds not provided by other fellowships or funding, depends on financial need of student Identification with the LGBTQ community Online application, semi-finalists require supplemental materials 01/18/2022 External Link
Microsoft Research Dissertation Grant $25,000 to support their dissertation research, option to participate in a 2-day career workshop at Microsoft's labs PhD students who are underrepresented in the field of computing, pursuing research aligned to the research areas carried out by Microsoft Online application 02/22/2002 External Link
Fulbright-Hays Dissertation Research Abroad Varies; travel expenses, maintenance and dependents allowances based on cost of living of host country, research-related expenses, health and accident insurance, $100 admin fee to applicant institution U.S. citizen or PR, graduate student in good standing at beginning of fellowship, admitted to candidacy in modern foreign languages, planning a teaching career, possesses adequate skills in the language(s) necessary to carry out project Online application 2022 Date TBD (3/8/2021) External/Grad Division Link
Graduate Dean’s Recruitment $5,000 Prospective PhD and MFA students who have received competitive offeres from other institutions may be nominated by their respective academic units Nomination form, student's application, other supporting documents Nominations will be accepted until funding allocated to the program has been exhausted. First awards will be announced mid-February Grad Division Link
UC Mexus Collaborative Research Grants $25,000 for up to 1.5 years See Website Application cover sheet, PI approval sheet, budget request, CV, letters of intent, project plan, bibliography, attachments, online application TBD- Check website External Link
UC Mexus Postdoctoral Fellowships $46,677-$52,156 for UC postdoctoral scholars conductint their postdoctoral stays in Mexico See Website Application cover sheet, CV, CV of faculty host, letter of intent from faculty host, project plan, timeline, official letter of invitation, other materials if needed, completion of PhD, letters of recommendation TBD- Check website External Link

Fall 2021

Name Amount Criteria Requirements Due Date Source Website Awardee(s)
ARCS $5,000 with option of 2nd year of $5,000 3.5 GPA, U.S. citizen, 2yrs of full-time graduate study at UCI with 2yrs remaining, Satisfactory progress, Identified area of interest, Prepare a posterboard for display at ARCS dinner, Interpersonal and leadership abilities Nomination Form, College Scientist Student Bio Profile, CV, Research description, Confidential evaluation by Advisor, Letters of Recommendation (advisor, department, Associate Dean) 10/04/2021 Grad Division Link Emory James Edwards
Chancellor’s Club Fellowship $12,000 3.7 GPA, Advanced to Candidacy (PhD), Plan to complete PhD by Fall 2019, First generation college student, Show financial need, Be willing to present research at Chancellor's Club dinner, Interpersonal and leadership abilities Nomination Form, Student Information Form, CV, Letters of Recommendation (advisor) 10/08/2021 Grad Division (2 per School) Link
Women in Technology Scholarship Check Website Identification as female Check Website 10/15/2021 External Link
NSF I-Corps Up to $2,200 for travel Varies, view website Online application 10/15/2021 UCI Applied Innovation Link
Research America Funding Opportunity $4,000 microgrants Graduate student in the United States Fill out application 10/19/2021 External Link
IBM PhD Fellowship Program $25,000 towards tuition/fees, $35,000 stipend for living expenses, travel, conferences for two years Full-time PhD student, at least 1 year of completed graduate study, potential for research excellence Nomination by faculty member, application online, CV, supporting statement by department chair, thesis title and brief research description 10/20/2021 External Link
The Pedagogical Fellowship $2,000 Completion of or current enrollment in: Uni Studies 390X, certificate in teaching excellence, or approved department pedagogy course, teaching experience, service to university/department Online application, letter of recommendation (advisor) 10/22/2021 UCI Division of Teaching Excellence and Innovation Link
STEM Solutions in Public Policy Award $1,000 in research support and travel support Graduate Student in STEM Abstract, Application, Current CV 10/22/2021 External Link
DAAD Varies U.S. or Canadian citizen or PR; German exchange program; recent master's graduates or grad students enrolled full-time at a N American university, may not have been living in Germany formore than 15 months, may not hold another DAAD grant Contact DAAD coordinator, online application, DV, study proposal, letter of recommendation, evidence of contact with German institution, DAAD language evaluation form, transcripts. 10/29/2021 International/Extramural Link
The Hertz Foundation Full tuition for up to 5 years, stipend of $32,000 per academic year, $5,000 for dependent childcare, $40,000 stipend for 9 months, $8,000 stipend, $5,000 for dependent children if coordinated with the 3-year NSF fellowship U.S. citizen or PR, applying to or in 1st year of PhD program, innovative, and eager to make positive impact in applied physical, biological, or engineering sciences, willing to commit skills to the U.S. in times of national emergency Essay, letters of recommendation, current GRE scores, online application 10/29/2021 External Link
Public Impact $12,000 ($1,000) honorable mention 3.7 GPA, Full-time PhD student, advanced to candidacy for PhD by 10/19/2018, Conduct research with a public impact, willing to have research featured by stakeholders, brief presentation and interview, attend a lunch and event Nomination Form, Student Information Form, CV, Letters of Recommendation (advisor/PI) 10/04/2021 Grad Division (no nomination limit) Link Emory James Edwards
Schlumberger Faculty for the Future Fellowship up to $50,000 max. per year and may be renewable Female PhD student currently enrolled in a university abroad, excellent academic record, illustrated commitment to teaching and research, leadership skills, community outreach, track record in encouraging young women into STEM fields, interest in position in public sector See Online Application 11/05/2021 External Link
DOE Science Graduate Student Research Program $3,000 monthly stipend while at the host DOE lab during award period, $2,000 travel reimbursement Full time Phd, advanced to candidacy Online application, research proposal, transcripts, proof of PhD Candidacy, two letters of support 11/01/2021 External Link
UC President’s Postdoctoral Fellowship Program $49,200 salary (depending on field, experience, benefits, etc.) and up to $5,000 for research-related travel expenses for up to 12 months Ph.D. from a UC, legally authorized to work in the U.S. Online application 11/01/2021 External Link
AAUW Varies ($2,000-$35,000) Varies Application, budget, narrative autobiography, CV, uploads of various academic materials, letters of recommendation 11/01/2021 External Link
Miguel Velez Scholarship Provides resident fees and a stipend of $7,000 in Spring Quarter PhD/MS, citizens of a Latin American country, good academic standing, financial need, students who have AB 540 status (from Latin America) are also eligible Student information form/application, recommendation letter, statement of research, copy of passport page showing citizenship, statement of financial need from advisor/chair, CV, trans 11/15/2021 Grad Division Link
Gordon Hein Scholarship Resident fees and a $7,000 stipend during Spring quarter PhD or MS, good academic standing, demonstrate financial need, blind or legally blind Application form, FAFSA for US citizens and statement of financial need from advisor or department for international students, letter of recommendation, statement of research, CV, unofficial trans, certification from Disability Service Center 11/15/2021 Grad Division Link
Brython Davis Fellowship Provides resident fees and a stipend of $7,000 in Spring Quarter U.S. Citizen, PhD or MS/MA/MFA student, have a parent who was or is a regular member of the U.S. Navy or Marine Corps, have a current FAFSA on file, financial need, good standing Application form, FAFSA, recommendation letter (advisor or department), statement of research, unofficial transcripts, copy of birth certificate, copy of parent's active duty or honorable discharge, CV 11/15/2021 Grad Division Link
Otto W. Shaler Scholarship Provides resident fees and a stipend of $7,000 in Spring Quarter Applicants must be international students who have financial need International students pursuing a Ph.D. or master's degree. Students enrolled in self-supporting programs are not eligible. 11/15/2021 Graduate Division Link
James Harvey Scholar Provides resident fees and a stipend of $7,000 in Spring Quarter PhD/MS/MA/MFA student, advanced to candidacy and in final year, FAFSA on file, financial need, good standing Student information form/application, FAFSA, recommendation letter (advisor or department), statement of research, CV, transcripts 11/15/2021 Grad Division Link
La Verne Noyes Fellowship Provides a stipend of $4,000 in Spring Quarter U.S. citizen, PhD/MS/MA/MFA student, blood descendent of a U.S. Army or Navy veteran of WW I, the veteran must have served for at least 4 months between 4/6/1917 to 11/11/1918, FAFSA on file, financial need, good standing. Student information form/application, FAFSA, recommendation letter, statement of research, copy of birth certificate, copy of veteran's active duty or honorable discharge, CV, transcripts. 11/15/2021 Grad Division Link Isaac Goldstein
SMART Tuition and fees, $25,000-$38,000 stipend U.S. citizen, able to participate in summer internship in DoD laboratories and willing to accept post-graduate employment with DoD, good standing with minimum 3.0 GPA Online application, academic background, proposed area of study, placement preferences, professional experiences, summary of goals, leadership and teamwork experience, publications, awards and honors; GRE scores, references, transcripts 12/01/2021 External Link Joel Cruz Rarang
Graduate Fellowships for STEM Diversity $20,000, up to 6 years of support by employer/internship U.S. citizen Must match with employer's needs, research experience, letters of recommendation, GRE 12/15/2021 External Link
Ford (predoctoral, dissertation, and postdoctoral) $24,000 - $45,000 stipend, additional benefits depends on fellowship type U.S. citizens or PR or individuals under the DACA Program, planning to enroll, enrolled in, or just completed PhD program; superior academic achievement, promise of continuing achievement as scholar or teacher, personal engagement with underrepresented communities, membership in underrepresented group (see website) Online application, personal information, statement of previous research or proposed research, capacity to respond in pedagogically productive ways to diverse backgrounds, sustained personal engagement with underrepresented communities, transcripts, letters of reference, verification of predoctoral, dissertation, or postdoctoral status. 12/09/2021 External Link
Fred M. Tonge Endowed Graduate Award in ICS $1,000 Minimum GPA of 3.5, full-time student Faculty Recommendation, nomination, brief documnettion of the practical benefits of submitter's research 2021 date is TBD ICS- Endowed Link
Graduate Deans Recent Alumni Fellowship Unpaid but access to resources that will pay immense dividends going forward Transitioning from graduate school to full-time careers in either academic or other industries. Application 09/13/2021 Graduate Division Link
Google PhD Fellowship Tuition and fees for 2 years, with the potential to extend to third year, stipend $35,000, Google research mentor Full time PhD, must have completed grad coursework by Fall of the award year when fellowship begins, Google employees, spouses, children, students already being supported by a comparable industry not eligible CV, Transcripts, research proposal, 2-3 letters of recommendation (advisors and others), one page CV from advisor 09/30/2021 External (coordinated by Grad Division) Link
Graduate Division Completion Fellowship Dependent on need Be an active Graduate Student at UCI Explanation why research was delayed, letter of support, application submission 10/01/2021 Grad Division Link
Richard N. Taylor Graduate Award in Software Engineering $5,000 Full time PhD student in Software Engineering One page essay on research goals, approach, etc., CV TBD- Check website ICS- Endowed Link
Rob Kling Memorial $2,000 Full-time PhD student in Informatics, minimum GPA of 3.5, faculty nomination Overview of Research or Dissertation Topic, CV, Letters of recommendation TBD- Check website ICS- Endowed Link
Roberta Ellen Lamb Memorial $10,000 PhD student in Informatics, advanced to candidacy, faculty nomination Overview of Research or Dissertation Topic, CV, Letters of recommendation TBD- Check website ICS- Endowed Link
Rosalva Gallardo Valencia $10,000 Full-time PhD student in ICS, with a prefernece for Software Engineering students One page essay on research goals, approach, etc., CV, letter of recommnedaiton from faculty advisor TBD- Check website ICS- Endowed Link
NVIDIA Up to $50,000 Completed 1st year of PhD study, current membership on active research team, full-time PhD student during year of award Student profile, thesis proposal, CV, nomination letter, letters of recommendation TBD- Check website External Link
NCWIT Academic Allegiance $10,000 and $2,500 for honorable mentions Member of the NCWIT Aspirations in Computing Community, currently enrolled, US citizen or perm resident, have valid social security or tax ID number, not related to are is an employee of NCWIT Online application TBD- Check website External Link
NDSEG Full tuition and fees, $3,200 monthly stipend, $1,200 a year in medical insurance for 3 years U.S. citizen or national, must be one of the supported disciplines, must be at or near the beginning of doctoral studies, must receive bachelor's by Summer 2019 (but less than 2yrs of full-time graduate study) Online application To apply for the FY2022 DoD NDSEG Fellowship Program, please email for further guidance. External Link

Summer 2021

Name Amount Criteria Requirements Due Date Source Website Awardee(s)
WAIM Doctoral Research Fellowships $50K award You must be in a late stage of your doctoral program Application, 2500 word summer of dissertation, Current CV, LOR from your advisor 07/15/2021 External Link
Microsoft Tuition and fees, living expenses, a $42,000 stipend for living expenses, conference and travel allowances for 2 years, possible salaried internship 3rd year full-time PhD student, proposed research related to Microsoft Research, No other fellowships Online application, Thesis proposal, CV, Letters of recommendation (advisor and 2 others) 2022 Date TBD (6/30/2021) External Link
Microsoft Research PhD Fellowship Tuition and fees, $42,000 stipend for three years Students must be in their third year of their PhD program in the fall semester or quarter of 2021. Online application, CV, Thesis proposal, Advisor's information, Letters of References 2022 Date TBD (6/30/2021) External Link
Fulbright U.S. Student Grants Varies; round trip transportation to host country, funding to cover room, board, incidentals, based on cost of living in host country, accident and sickness health benefits, U.S. citizen, MS and doctoral students who have conferred a bachelor's degree before start of the grant, must be in good health, proficiency in the written and spoken language of host country, must demonstrate capacity for independent study or research, together with a general knowledge of the history, culture, and current events of the countries to which they are applying Biographical data, statement of grant purpose, affiliation letters, personal statement, foreign language reports, reference letters, transcripts, on-campus interview 2022 Date TBD (8/23/2021) International/Grad Division Link
Facebook Fellowship Program Tuition and fees for 2 years, 37k grant, up to $5,000 in conference travel support, paid visit to FB HQ's for annual Fellowship Summit Full time PhD, enrolled during the academic year(s) the fellowship is awarded Research summary, CV, Letters of recommendation (advisor and 1 other) 2022 Date TBD (9/20/2021) External Link
Adobe Research Fellowship $10,000, Creative Cloud subscription for one year, research mentor, opportunity to interview for an internship at Adobe Full time PhD student, cannot have a close relative working for Adobe Research Research summary, 3 letters of recommendation (1 from advisor), CV, transcript of undergrad and grad TBD- Check website External Link

Varying Deadline

Name Amount Criteria Requirements Due Date Source Website Awardee(s)
National Research Council $42,000-$80,000 Varies - See Website Applicant profile, transcripts, dissertation abstract, research proposal, references/letters of recommendation 11/01/2021 External Link
Fischer Memorial (even years only) $2,000 + Summer Stipend 3.5 GPA, Full Time Student, No Summer Fellowship, No GSR/TA Appointment Application form, transcripts, 2 page statement on educational and career plans, Research Agenda/Experience, CV TBD- Check website External Link
Horizon 2020 EU research and innovation program offering funding See Website Proposal and other materials TBD- Check website External Link
Paul Evan Peters Fellowship for Information Studies $5,000 each year for 2 years for PhD student, $2,500 per year for 2 years for MS student U.S. citizen or PR, enrolled in MS or PhD program in information science at an accredited U.S. university or a member of iSchools iCaucus Online application, personal/research statement, letters of recommendation, CV TBD- Check website External Link