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Many industry professionals viewed the Biden administration’s cybersecurity strategy to secure the nation’s technology as a positive step, with some calling the policy “revolutionary” and a “game changer” as it shifts the security burden from end-users to manufacturers. However, they also warned of the investment that will be needed to carry it out. …

Bryan Cunningham, a former White House lawyer and advisor at Theon Technology, called the strategy “revolutionary” in several respects, namely the end of the voluntary compliance and self regulation era.

“This strategy is by far the most emphatic about increasing legal and financial liability on big private entities in the cybersecurity ecosystem,” Cunningham said. “Even if new federal law takes time to embrace this historic shift, the U.S. government, through regulation and its massive buying power, will rapidly make cybersecurity the legal and financial responsibilities of, as the strategy says, those most able to bear it and most directly able to enhance our collective security.”

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