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Female students attend on BRAID Initiative funding award and ICS Sponsorship

The UC Irvine Donald Bren School of Information and Computer Sciences (ICS) sent 38 of its female undergraduate and graduate students to the 2022 Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing (GHC). Attendance at the virtual and in-person conference was supported with funds from a 2014 award from the BRAID (Building Recruiting And Inclusion for Diversity) Initiative and through an ICS Academic Gold conference sponsorship.

GHC 2022 conference.

“GHC is a great venue for our ICS women to network, collaborate and find mentors among an inspiring community of women technologists from around the world,” said Kris Bolcer, senior director of graduate student affairs, who attended the event. “I wish every student would attend; it’s an amazing experience for all.”

The GHC 2022 conference, held from Sept. 20–23, is produced by the Anita Borg Institute for Women in Technology and presented in partnership with the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM). GHC is considered the world’s largest gathering of women technologists, with more than 30,000 registered attendees.

GHC 2022 entrance (left) and ICS booth (right).

Bolcer joined the following 10 students for the in-person event in Orlando, Florida:

  • Dingyi (Jaedyn) Chang
  • Anushka Cherian
  • Fiona Do
  • Rongbing (Crystal) Lai
  • Tanya Lohiya
  • Alisa Lu
  • Grace Manning
  • Vishakha Ratnaparkhi
  • Mia Schroeder
  • Jacqueline Thai

Another 28 students attended the event virtually:

  • Hina Arora
  • Sanika Bhamare
  • Chloe Cheng
  • Justine Chou
  • Wajeeha Fathima
  • Teresa Hempen
  • Elise Jang
  • Abhishek Jha
  • Ritu Jha
  • Navdha Jindal
  • Jesslin Joseph
  • Maya Lee
  • Mignon Lee
  • Michelle Lin
  • Ashley Liu
  • Shannon Liou
  • Sakshi Mehta
  • Sarah Nassery
  • Rochelle Nixon
  • Aditi Pai
  • Arkapriya Paul
  • Sakshi Patil
  • Helen Pham
  • Kundana Pillari
  • Radhika Sharma
  • Tanya Shourya
  • Melissa Wong
  • Duong Vu

The BRAID initiative launched in September 2014 in partnership with universities across the nation to increase the percentage of women and students of color majoring in computer science. Each university committed to a set of approaches to increase diversity within their computer science departments. The program has been discontinued, but a report tracking BRAID over five years is available online.