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Hack at UCIZotHacks banner, a club that gives “students the platform to learn and create technology,” will be hosting their ZotHacks 2021 hackathon on Nov. 20-21 in Donald Bren Hall 6011.

ZotHacks is a beginner-friendly hackathon open to first- and second-year students of all majors and no programming experience is required. The club encourages third- and fourth-year students, including transfer students, to apply as ZotHacks mentors.

“We don’t expect hackers to have any prior experience,” according to the ZotHacks website. “We will be providing starter packs, workshops, and mentors to help new hackers get started on projects and learn new technologies.”

Students will apply as individuals, and event organizers will help students create teams of up to four for the hackathon. Participants will work together to build a web application from scratch and be eligible for prizes at the end of the hackathon.

“We give you the resources, training, mentorship and food you need in order for you to build a full web application with a team,” according to the website. “If you do not know much or anything about web development but are interested in learning how to build web apps, you are the ideal candidate for ZotHacks.”

The application for ZotHacks 2021 is due on Wednesday, Nov. 10. More information about ZotHacks 2021 can be found at

— Karen Phan