Langsam/Miller/Spira/Ekstein Genealogy


Pesach Pesach Langsam (1748 - Nov 2, 1820) married Ita and lived in Jawornik Polski, Galicia (near Blazowa & Dynow). Six known children lived to adulthood.

  • Avrohm Aba Miller Avrohm Aba (c.1765 - c.1848) had 3 known sons. He lived in Lenartov/Malcov, Slovakia.
    • Yakov Mylech (1784 - 1860's) was born in Lenartov, Slovakia. He lived in Obrucna, Slovakia, was married twice, and had children from both wives. 9 of his children are known.
      Shabsi, Zlate, Chaskel, Rozi, Mira, Anna, Rezi, Kasalin (Rivka?), & Salamon
    • Pesach Dovid (c. 1810 - c.1872) married Chana Rita Schwartz/Weinberger. Initially they lived in the Malcov area of Slovakia. Sometime in the 1860's (1862?) the family moved to Galicia, perhaps Gorlice or Nowy Sacz. They had 7 sons and 3 daughters. Of them, six are known.
      Raphael Meyer, Shabsi Yitzchok, Basha Diamant, Yuska, R' Naftali, Shlomo, & 4 others.
    • Yisroel Yitzchok (1816 - c.1891) of Lenartov, Slovakia, married Gittel and had 3 known children.
      Usher Zelig, Sora Roiza Lauer, & Avrohm

  • R' Dovid Dovid married Esther (Esther) of Manastryza, Poland, and they had at least one son.
    • Pesach (1823 - 1928) was born in Bircza. He married at least 2 times; first to Fayga and then to Beila Feit/Rein. He had 12 known children, 6 from each marriage. Pesach passed away in either Jawornik or Szklary, both in Poland, at the age of 105.
      R' Sholem, R' Shimon, Nacha, R' Meir, Ita Adest, Sarah Drucker, Reisel, Naum, Nina Schneid, Abraham, Chaya, & boy (Moshe?)

  • R' Hersh Mylech Spira Tzvi Elimelech (1783- 1841 [18 Teves]) of Ryobtycze, Stryzow, Oleszyce, Mukachevo, & Dynow, Galicia, married Chana Mindel (Chana Mindel), daughter of Shmuel. They had 7 known children.
    • R' Meshullam Zusha (18?? - 1830's) had 6 known children.
      Yeshaya Dovid & Rivka Rochel Galler
    • Beila (18?? - 1???) was first married to R' Nechemia and then to R' Shimon Yeshaya Reich, ABD Ludmir. She had children from each spouse.
      Mechla, Naftali & Yosef Binyomin (c. 1834 - 1914)
    • R' David (1804 - 1874 [19 Adar]) of Stryzow & Dynow, Galicia was married to Rochel Mina. He had 7 known children.
      R' Isiah Naftali Herz, R' Zvi Elimelech, Esther Rivka Rokeach, Nechuma Malka Horowitz, Dvora Mariles, Yehudit Rubin, & R' Meir Yehuda
    • Sara (1807 - 1878 [24 Iyar]) married Moshe Schonfeld (1810 - 1883 [27 Mar Cheshvan]), of Medzilaborce, Slovakia. They had 12 known children.
      R' Pesach Avrohm, Lazar, Pessil Laufer, Yitta Leah Uri, Mordechai Yosef, Rivka Harpuder, Shimon, Asher, Bracha Meisels?, R' Zvi Elimelech, & Mirel Lifsha.
    • R' Eluzar (1808 - 1865 [13 Elul]), Admur of Lancut, married at the age of fourteen to Toba Chava Yolles . They had 6 known children.
      R' Shlomo, R' Simcha, R' Menachem Pinchus, R' Zvi Elimelech, Rochel Langsam, & Udel Rivka Spira
    • R' Shmuel (18?? - ?) of Bircza, Galicia, was married to a Labin. They had 5 known children.
      Meir Meshullam, Moshe Leib, girl Halberstam, Perel Langerman, girl (married to a Binyomin), & Rivka Waldman
    • Rivka (18?? - 1830's) married R' Yaakov Uri, ABD Turka. They had 3 known children. Rivka died in her father's lifetime. Her husband, R' Yakov, remarried, to his niece Leah, daughter of Sara and Moshe Schonfeld. R' Yakov and Leah had additional children. This has led to some confusion as to which children were from his first wife and which from his second. This was further amplified because of the close family relationship between the wives.
      Henya Polimer, Gittlel Hinda Rottenberg & Avrohm Yehoshua Heshel

  • Ephraim Shmuel Ephraim Shmuel had at least one son.
    • Pesach (c. 1820 - c.1895) of Blazowa, Galicia, married Sara Miriam Tscherlit. Together they had 2 known children. Pesach may have later remarried, possibly twice, including a women named Fayga. He passed away in the town of Bialka, which is near Blazowa.
      Chaim Efraim Shmuel & Beila

  • Chaim Leib Chaim Leib (c.1783- 1866) married Chana and had 7 known children.
    • Menachem Mendel (c.1820 - 1915) of Bukowsko, Galicia, married 3 times; to Ita, Perla Lea, & Sara. There were children from all 3.
      Gittel Fischel, Avraham, Esther Frank, Ita Roth, Yacov (Yosef?), Miriam Rand, Chaya Gottlieb, Hinde Fish, Chaim Leib, Pessia Ginsburg, Yosef, David, & Chana Mindel Stern
    • Miriam/Mirel (18?? - 18??) of Dynow, Galicia, married Yehoshua Fish of Dynow. They had 3 known sons.
      Naftali, Mendel, & Zvi Elimelech
    • Yosef Yehuda (18?? - 1???). He had 6 known children.
      Asher Zelig, Efraim, Nosson Dov, Berish, Golda, & Tzvi Elimelech
    • Chava
    • Ita Raya
    • Pessel
    • Golda
      Very little is known about Chava, Ita, Pessel, & Golda. They married into the Popper, Grumet, & Bernstein families.

  • Nissel? (17??- 18??) married an Eckstein and lived in Bikla, now in Ukraine. They had 1 known son.
    • R' Yitzchok Isaac (1810 - 1860) ABD of Bikla, Ukraine, was either the son or the grandson of Nissel. If he was the grandson, his father was called Elimelech. R' Yitzchok Isaac was married to Rachel Friedman and had six children.
      Moshe, R' Yosef Shlomo, Eliezer, Malka Gruenbaum, Anshel, & Yidel

  • Nathan had 1 known daughter.
    • Ita was married to Yoshua Wirtheim and had one known daughter.
      Chaya Diamant


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