The Sarah Roza Lauer Family


Sarah Roza Sarah Roza (1847 - 191?), daughter of Yisroel Yitzchok Miller, was born in Lenartov, Slovakia. She married R. Nussanel Lauer (born c.1823), ABD of Malcov, Slovakia, and had 9 children. This was his second marriage and he had children from his first marriage (to S. Ziszel, born in Livov, died at age 31 on March 1, 1863, from tuberculosis). According to Slovak civil records, Sarah Roza was registered as married at age 16, on July 10, 1863, in Lenartov, Slovakia, to R. Nussanel, age 40, of Bobowa, Galicia. It lists his parents as Izak and Bruche. R. Nussanel died suddenly,while traveling, on 7 Tamuz, 1899, and is buried in Kezmarok, Slovakia (FHC Film LDS 1739453, DGS 4948470, Item 8, Record 17-07, which notes he was born in Bobowa, Galicia). His matzeyva is in Kezmarok; it is very badly worn. This is a picture and this is his namesake, Rabbi Natanel Lauer visiting the gravesite with his son. From Nussanel's brother, Gershon, their father's name can be uncovered. In an email from Yochonon Hochhauser, dated Sat, Apr 18, 2020 9:54 pm, he writes: Gerschon was born Abt 1834 Bobow Poland, and died Apr 12 1904 (כ"ח ניסן תרס"ד), see attached picture of gravestone I found in Leipzik Germany, where he lived in care of a daughter in his elderly days. In an email from Rabbi Natanel Lauer, Tue, Feb 16 2021 12:53 pm, he relates, "The Maltzover Rav apparently left Maltzov when his Rebbe's, the Divrei Chaim's, grandson became the Rav in nearby Presov. Apparently he felt that if people would come to him with their questions his Rebbe's grandson may be insulted. He decided to stay out of Maltzov for a while the Halberstam Rav can establish himself a bit. I always wondered - why did he go to Kezmorak? He must have had a relative their that he was stating with. I wonder if this Reisle [Lauer, married to a Feuereisen and living in Kezmorak] was a daughter from his first marriage or maybe a sister of his. "

  • Yosef Yosef (Nov 15, 1863 - 1932) was born in Liso or Malcov, Slovakia. He married Rachel Szamet (also Sameth, born in Sarospatak, Slovakia, daughter of Naftali (haCohen) & Freide) on Sept 6, 1887. They lived in Richvald and Malcov, where they had 10 children. Yosef came to NY aboard the SS Kaiser Wilhelm II, Nov 30, 1904. His wife and some of their children arrived in 1906. For a picture of his matzeyva and a discussion of the highlights of his life, see
    • Ethel (Aug 28, 1888 - ?) was married to Louis Hamm. They had 4 children.
      Morris, Harold, Isaac & Freida Strahl
    • Anna (Apr 18, 1890 - 19?) was married to David Kaufman. They had 3 children.
      Ruth Ophir, Sylvia Makover, & Norman
    • Lena (Feb 19, 1892 - 19?) was married to Solomon Fishkowitz (a cousin of Elie Wiesel). They had no children.
    • Hena (Feb 19, 1892 - Aug 14, 1892) died as an infant.
    • Isidore (May 30, 1894 - 1960) was married to Jennie Neuman. They had no children.
    • Tillie (May 6, 1896 - 1962) was married as a second wife to Joseph Fligman. They had no children.
    • Samuel (Jan 5, 1901 - 19?) remained in Europe with his brother Charles, living with Bobba Sarah Roza. They came to th USA in 1912. Samuel was married to Jessie Spiro. They had no children.
    • Charles (Mar 15, 1903 - 19?) was born in Richvald and remained in Europe with his brother Samuel, living with Bobba Sarah Roza. They came to th USA in 1912. Charles married Rosalind Honig and they had 2 children.
      Joseph & Herbert
    • George (Gershon) (c.1905 - c.1908) died at age 2 or 3 and is buried at Mt. Zion Cemetery.
    • Aaron (Oct 16, 1911 - 1968 [4 Iyar]) was born in the Lower East Side of NYC. He married Rose Hoenig of Williamsburg (Brooklyn) on May 30, 1937. They lived in the Bronx and Miami Beach and had 3 children. He founded and built the Greater Miami Hebrew Academy (Yeshiva D'Miami Florida) in 1946. He was its supervisor until his passing in 1968, upon which his wife assumed many of his duties.
      Joe, Nussanel, & Chaim

  • Malka Leah Malka Leah (c.1865 - 19?) was married to Eliezer Deutsch and lived in Mukachevo, now in Ukraine. They had 4 children. Malka Leah died after World War I, of cholera. [There was a report that they had a son who changed his name to Chayruti, in Tel-Aviv. His son is a lawyer there (Dizengoff 10 ?). He maybe Ezri Cheruti, on Rehov Melchett,23, Kiryat Ono.]
    • Rochel (? - 1942?) was married to a Hartstein from Budapest, Hungary and had 4 children. They, and 2 of their children, perished in the Holocaust. The 2 surviving children moved to either Jerusalem or Tel-Aviv.
      child, child, child, & child
    • Shani (Zenka) (? - 1948) was married to Jakob Gross. They had a beer brewery. Her husband died in Prague of an ulcer. Shani passed away after the war, in Bardejov. She had been confined to a wheelchair. Her one son, Lulu, perished in the Holocaust.
    • Herschel (? - 193?) was married and had 3 children. He passed away before the war.
      Hugo, Shani, & Rosi
    • Icsu (Yisroel Yitzchok) (? - ?) passed away in Jerusalem. He was in Israel in 1936.

  • Lazar Eliezer (Aug 15, 1871 - 1931 [13 Adar]) was born in Malcov, Slovakia. He was married on Mar 5, 1889, to Hinde Mindel Rosenzweig. She was born in Bardejov, to Moshe & Henna Landau, the granddaughter of R' Yechezkel Landau, the Noda B'Yehuda. Henna was called the Langa Henna, because she was tall like her grandfather. Lazar & Hinde had 10 children. He came to NY on Mar 15, 1906, aboard the SS Bulcher. Hinde came on Sep 28, 1910, aboard the SS Grosser Kurfurst.
    • Esther (Nov 1889 - 19?) was married to a Tobias. They had 3 children.
      Gertrude Bigman, Joe, & Sidney
    • Isidore (Jan 29, 1891 - 1949 [24 Shevat]) was probably the first to bear his great-grandfather's name, Yisroel Yitzchok. He was born in Bardejov. He married Toba Chaya Ryshpan, daughter of Tovia, and they had 5 children.
      Golda Pilchick, Sidney, Moshe, Chaim, & Hanna Resnick
    • Harry (1895 - 1918) was not married. He was in the US Army and fought in WWI. Harry was killed in France, on July 30, 1918, when he was 23 years old. He was re-buried in Washington Cemetery in Brooklyn; Cemetery 1, Post 28, Row 3, Grave 9, Linas Hazedek Society.
    • Tillie (Jul 1897 - 1965) was born in England. She married Joseph Gross and they had 3 children.
      Abraham, Shani Kurtz, & Eli
    • Jack (Aug 1899 - 1975) was born in England. He married Anna Segal and had 3 children. They lived in Baltimore, MD.
      Gloria Weinreb, Laiser, & Chaim
    • Sidney (Mar 1901 - 1983) was born in Slovakia and married Sophie Jacobowitz. They lived in Elizabeth, NJ and had 2 sons.
      Lenny & Eddie
    • Gussie (Dec 1903 - 1989) was born in Slovakia. She married David Steinberg and they had 2 daughters.
      Tzippy Rudensky & Myrna Enker
    • Helen (Mar 1906 - 19?) was born in Slovakia. She never married.
    • Moshe (July 1911 - 19?) was born in NY. He was married late in life and lived in Dallas, Texas and then Arad, Israel. He had no children.
    • George (Apr 1, 1914 - 1988) was born in NY. He married Doris Trenk and they had 2 children.
      Hinda Schacter & Elliot

  • Chana Chana (1872 - 1942?) was married to Shimon Keller. They lived in Sadurav (Ersszodoro, 120 km WNW of Cluj), now in Rumania, and had 8 children. She died of a heart attack at the onset of the Holocaust, when they took her daughter away. The entire family, except for Alexander Kauftheil, perished in the Holocaust.
    • Miriam (189? - ?) married a Zimmerman and had 3 children. She died before the war but her entire family perished in the Holocaust.
      Mechel, Nussanel, & girl
    • Nessanel (1? - 1942?) married a Schwartz. They perished in the Holocaust.
    • Chaskel (1? - 194?) married a Goldberger and lived in Kirdorf, Slovakia. He died before the war.
    • Rivka (1905 - 1942?) married Yechezkel Shraga Kauftheil and lived in Kosice, Slovakia. They had 5 children. The entire family, except for Alexander, perished in the Holocaust.
      Alexander, Chaim Tzvi Mordechai, Breindel, Yosef, & Sarah Roza
    • Gittel (19? - 1942?) married a Deutsch and they had 8 children. The entire family perished in the Holocaust.
      child, child, child, child, child, child, child, & child
    • Zeesel (19? - 1942?) married Yeedle Klein and they had 8 children. The entire family, except for Yeedle, perished in the Holocaust.
      child, child, child, child, child, child, child, & child
    • Shprintza (19? - 1942?) married an Eisler/Fixler and had 3 children. The entire family perished in the Holocaust.
      child, child, & child
    • Esther (19? - 1942?) was not married. She perished in the Holocaust.

  • Tzila Tzirel (Feb 12, 1876 - 194?) was born in Malcov. She married a Landau, but had no children. They lived in Uzhgorod (Ungvar, near Mukachevo), Ukraine. They both perished in the Holocaust. Icsu Ehrman, currently of Israel, lived by them before the war, while he was studying in Yeshiva.

  • Reygush Rivka (Dec 3, 1878 - 19?) was born in Malcov. She was married twice, first in Khust, where she had 1 daughter. Her husband passed away and she married Peretz Klein. They lived in Mukachevo and had 2 daughters.
    • Chava (? - ?)
    • girl (? - ?)
    • girl (? - ?) drowned in Tupya River, before the war.

  • Bayla Baila (Oct 3, 1881 - 1932) was born in Malcov. She married Moshe Shmuel Ehrman. They lived in Kralovsky Chlmec (Kiraly Helmec), Slovakia and had 7 children.
    • Gizi (1905 - 1994) married Herman Raff. They lived in Kraj-Helmec, Slovakia and then Antwerp, Belgium. They had 2 children.
      Isabelle Silberg & Charlotte Nasch
    • Schoni (1907 - 1993?) married Jophie and had 3 children.
      Binyomin, Eddie, & Evelyn
    • Erno (1914 - 1976) married Esther Unger. They had 3 children.
      Eli, Miriam Guzofsky, & Etta Kossovsky
    • Etush (19? - 1942?) was married to a Reiss or Zimmerman, with 3 children, and lived in Zilina, Slovakia. Alex Fried remembered them. Etush's husband was killed and they fled to Hungary with her children. They all perished in the Holocaust.
      child, child & child
    • Helen (1916 - 1999) married Ahron Lajos. They live in Netanya and have 2 children.
      Moshe & Dov
    • Icsu (1918 - 2000) married Malka and they have 3 children.
      Moshe, Binny, & Gady
    • Ahron (1920 - 1998) married Ibie Goldberger. They have 2 children.
      Yetta Harnik & Yitzchok

  • Chaim Chaim (May 1, 1884 - 1945) married Rochel Greenwald. They lived in Presov, Slovakia and had 12 children. While hiding with family members from the Nazis, his grandson ran out of hiding. While trying to retreive him they were mistakenly killed by the partisans at the end of the war.
    • Nussanel (1901 - 1942?) was married and lived in the Hague, Holland. They had 3 children. The entire family perished in the Holocaust.
      boy, boy, & Malka Leah
    • boy (1903? - 1903?) died as an infant.
    • Leibish (1904? - 1942?) was married and lived near Vranov nad Toplou, Slovakia. He had no children and perished in the Holocaust.
    • Margit (1906 - 2000) married Luzer (Eliezer) Soffer and they had 1 daughter. Her husband and daughter both perished in the Holocaust. She remarried a Mende. She lived in Albeuquerque, New Mexico.
    • Boruch (19? - 1942?) married Elisabet Apotheker. They had one son and lived in Presov. His entire family perished in the Holocaust.
    • Tzirel (19? - 1942?) married Leibish Shapiro. They lived in Vranov nad Toplou, Slovakia and had 1 daughter. They all perished in the Holocaust.
    • Gizelle (Gizi) was the fiancee of Josef Apotheker who perished in the Holocaust. She later married Victor Strelinger. She now lives in New Mexico, with her sister Margit.
    • Chaya Eta (191? - 1942?) married an Eidelman and had 1 son. The entire family perished in the Holocaust.
    • Malka Leah (191? - 1942?) married a Hirsch and had 1 child. The entire family perished in the Holocaust.
    • Sholom (191? - 1942?) was not married. He perished in the Holocaust.
    • Alex (1919 - June 3, 1992) survived the war and came to the US in 1946. He lived in Albuquerque, NM, where he was a furrier.
      David & Michael
    • Sidonia married Fred Singer. She lives in Tarrytown, NY and has 2 children.
      Debra Hammond & Michael

  • Yulishka Yehudis (Dec 5, 1888 - Oct 1944) was born in Malcov. She married Berti Fried, son of Meir and lived in Korolevo, Ukraine and had 2 sons. Around the end of 1927 they moved to Zilina, Slovakia, where they opened a kosher restaurant. In 1942 Berti went to Nitra, where the rebbe there hid about 2000 Jews in a small vatican. He was subsequently sent to Buchenwald where he was shot in April of 1944. Yulishka perished in the gas chambers of Auschwitz in October, 1944. Alex tells of being saved nine times from certain death during the terrible period of the shoah (Holocaust).
    • Alex lives in Tel-Aviv, Israel and is a professor/philosopher.
      Dani & Jonathan
    • Icsu lives in Ottowa and Florida.


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