Eckstein Genealogy - The Nissel Eckstein nee Langsam Family


R' Yitzchok Isaac Yitzchok Isaac was the son of an Eckstein (probably Elimelech) and his wife, Nissel Nissel. She was the daughter of Pesach Langsam. R' Yitzchok Isaac Eckstein was ABD of Bikla, Ukraine. He married Rachel Friedman and had 6 known children. A tree on GENI, which incldues a death record, indicates Rachel's surname might have been Gottesman and that she lived 1830-1915. Another GENI entry shows a tombstone for R' Yitzchok Isaac, at Velykyi Rakovets', Irshavs'kyi district, Zakarpattia Oblast, Ukraine (probably 29 Adar II כ"ט באדר ב'תרמ"ו or 5 Apr 1886).


I would be very interested to hear from anyone with knowledge or an interest in the Miller family.

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