The Basha Diamant Family


Basha Basha (1837/8 - Jan 2, 1892), daughter of Pesach Dovid Miller, was married to Nusson Diamant (1838/9 - Sep 16, 1878) of Kurisna. They lived in Malcov, Slovakia and had 2 sons.

  • Avrohm Aba Avrohm Aba (Jan 13, 1860 - 1939/42) was born in Malcov. He married Faiga Rochel Baruch and they had 1 son. He and his only son perished in the Holocaust.
    • Nusson (May 25, 1886 - 1944), of Bardejov, Slovakia, first married Sarah Leah Spira. They had 5 children. Sarah Leah passed away in 1918 and Nusson remarried, to Shifra Rohchel Goldberger (daughter of Moshe). They had 4 children. Some of the family perished in the Holocaust.
      Yitzchok Isaac, Basha, Pesach Yahlomy, Mechel, Tema Deutsch, Baila Gittel, Moshe Meir, Leibish, & Sarah Leah

  • Yosef Yosef Yosef Diamant (Dec 5, 1868 - 1936) was born in Malcov, Slovakia and lived in Bardejov, Slovakia. He was married 3 times, with children from at least 2 of his wives. He first married Yehudis Spira, lived in Gorlice, Galicia, and had 1 daughter. After Yehudis passed away, Yosef married Yehudis Weil, on September 15, 1891, in Bardejov, and had 3 children with her.
    • Toba (September 6, 1890 - September 15, 1945) was born in Gorlice. She married Dovid Edelman, in Bardejov, on November 14, 1919. They came to the US in 1920 and lived in Staten Island, where they had 2 children. Dovid was caretaker for the Free Hebrew cemetery in Staten Island.
      Gloria Lefkowitz & Julie
    • Basha (May 25, 1893 - 19?) died young, at about 20 years of age. She was not married.
    • Dave (Aug 16, 1900 - Oct 1966) married Shari Edelman, in Sept. 1946, and they had 2 children. The family left Bardejov, Slovakia, on the last train, in 1938. They came to the US. He was living in Queens (Jackson Heights), NY, when he passed away.
      Fred & Judy Levin
    • Ray (December 4, 1903 - October 17, 1967 [13 Tishrei]) married Izzy Itzkowitz. They had no children. Ray (Regina) came to the US on September 11, 1935. The ticket was paid for by her sister, Toba. The Itzkowitz's had a laundromat, then a bakery in Brooklyn, NY, on Church Avenue and East 4th street. Later they moved to Florida. They retired back to Brooklyn and later moved to Queens, where she passed away.


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