The Dovid Langsam Family


Dovid Dovid (c.1783- 1866), son of Pesach Langsam, married Esther (Esther) of Manastryza, Poland, and they had at least one son.

  • Pesach (1823 - 1928) was born in Bircza. He married at least 2 times; first to Fayga and then to Beila Feit/Rein. He had 12 known children, 6 from each marriage. Pesach passed away in either Jawornik or Szklary, both in Poland, at the age of 105.
    • R' Sholem (1849 - 1937) lived in Lancut, Poland. He was married and had 8 known children. R' Sholem was a mohel and in the metal business. The Lancut yizkor book says that he awoke at 2 or 3 every morning to daven in the synagogue.
      Zvi Elimelech, Abraham, Naomi Gottlieb, Feivish, Jacob, Isaac, Golda & Sara Greenberg
    • R' Shimon (1860 - 1940), ABD Mielec, Poland, married Hadassah, daughter of Moishe Mayer Rubin and had five children. Later on he married Rifka of Lancut, Poland.
      Fayga Baer, Hanna Beck, Hinda Englander, Morris & Pesach
    • Nacha
    • Meir married Rochel Spira, daughter of R' Eluzar Spira and Toba Holles, and had 3 known children.
      Elazar, Chaim & Necha
    • Ita married Asher Zelig Adest, son of Zvi Yakov Adest, and had four children.
      Chana Mindel Birnbach, Efriam Shmuel, Devora Sara Goldman & Josef Chaim
    • Sarah married a Drucker. Her position on the tree is sketchy. According to Mrs. Sarah Bachmant, in an interview on 2 February 2001, this was her great-aunt. She lived in the town Rzeszow, Poland until the age of 107. She had a blessing from the Bnei Yissoschur, R' Hersh Mylech Spira. She is thought to have been a sister to Meir, although she may have been a maternal aunt instead. No other detail is known.
    • Reisel (1884 - 1884)
    • Naum (1888 - 1888)
    • Nina (1888 - 19?) married Moses Korn-Schneid in 1907 and had two known children.
      Yisroel & Yekuthiel Wolf
    • Abraham (1899 - 1903)
    • Chaya (1901 - 1906)
    • boy (? - c.1942) may have been named Moshe. He perished in the Holocaust.


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