The R. Naftali Miller Family

R. Naftali (1845 - 1930 [14 Adar]), son of Pesach Dovid Miller, was born in Malcov, Slovakia. He was first married to Sura Chivala and had 5 children. They lived in Gorlice (in SW Galicia), Poland, where he was dayan for over forty years. He was a student of the Divrei Chaim, R. Chaim Halberstam of Nowy Sacz. After his wife's passing, R. Naftali traveled to Sienewa for Yom Tov. While there, R. Chezkel Shineva, eldest son of R' Chaim Halberstam, proposed a match with Mirel, daughter of R. Yakov Spira, ABD Tertzel, widow of Avrohm Yitzchok Reiss. The marriage was only in Jewish law, with no civil ceremony. R. Naftali had two children, Itcha & Sarah, with her. Because a civil marriage was not performed, these two children retained the family name of Reiss. Mirel perished in the Holocaust, during its onset, either in the Sulig or Bochnia ghetto.

I would be very interested to hear from anyone with knowledge or an interest in the Miller family.

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