Beyond Formality: Informal Communication in Health Practices

Accepted papers

Emotion as a Type of Informal Communication in Healthcare

Elizabeth Eikey, Pennsylvania State University, USA
Madhu Reddy, Pennsylvania State University, USA
Erika Poole, Pennsylvania State University, USA

Formal and Informal Messages - Early Reflections on How Context and Content Influence ICT Use at the End-Of-Life

Robert Ferguson, McGill University, Canada
Karyn Moffatt, McGill University, Canada
Michael Massimi, Microsoft Research Cambridge, UK

Using the Information Senses Framework to Think About Patient-Centered Biomedical Recordkeeping

Robert Ferguson, McGill University, Canada

Informal Communication in Highly Specialized Surgical Care

Kristina Groth, Royal Institute of Technology & Karolinska University, Sweden

Informality and Teamwork

Bridget Kane, NTNU, Norway
Pieter Toussaint, NTNU, Norway
Ken O’Byrne, Trinity College, Ireland

The Roles and Impacts of Informal Communication on ED Patient Care

Soyoung Lee, University of California, Irvine, USA

Assisting Collective Practices in a Healcare Network

Myriam Lewkowicz, UTT, France
Valerie Benard, UTT, France

Identifying Information Errors in Healthcare by Studying Informal Communication

Alison Murphy, Pennsylvania State University, USA
Madhu Reddy, Pennsylvania State University, USA

Studying the Use of Informal Artifacts that Support ED Residents' Work to Inform EMR Design

Sun Young Park, University of California, Irvine, USA

Document-Centric Mixed Reality and Informal Communication in a Brazilian Neurological Institution

Derek Reilly, Dalhousie University, Canada
Mohamad Salimian, Dalhousie University, Canada
Stephen Brooks, Dalhousie University, Canada

The Picture of Health - Visual Representation as Communicative Practice in Healthcare Settings

Jaime Snyder, Syracuse University, USA

Communications About Patients and Care Coordination in the Clinical Social Network

Wayne Zachary, Starship Health Technologies, USA
Russell Maulitz, Starship Health Technologies, USA
Elisa Iverson, Drexel University, USA
Chioma Onyekwelu, Drexel University, USA
Zachary Risler, Drexel University, USA
Lauren Zenel, Drexel University, USA

An Analysis of Pre-Hospital Communication in Emergency Care

Zhan Zhang, Drexel University, USA
Aleksandra Sarcevic, Drexel University, USA