Zhaoxia Yu, Ph.D.

Department of Statistics
University of California
Irvine, CA 92697-1250





Research Interests

Statistical methods and applications.


Lecture materials for intro to mixed-effects models (Feb 2023)

Slides for intro-to-stat talk for a UCI research club (Jan 2022)

Lecture materials for CNCM 2023 (Aug 2023): web, zip


Current Teaching

I will be teaching Statistics 200A and 200AP in Fall 2023.


Courses that I taught before: STAT8, STAT120A/B/C, STAT140/240, STAT257, STAT262, STAT200A/B/C


Some Recent Work

o   Au DD, Foden AJ, Park SJ, Nguyen TH, Liu JC, Tran MD, Olga G. Jaime, Yu Z, and Holmes TC. (2022) Mosquito Cryptochromes expressed in Drosophila confer species-specific behavioral light responses. Current Biology. In print.

o   Feng J, Zhang L, Chen C, Sheng J, Ye Z, Feng K, Liu J, Cai Y, Zhu B, Yu Z, Chen C, Dong Q, Xue G. (2022) A cognitive neurogenetic approach to uncovering the structure of executive functions. Nature Communications. In print.

o   Wu K, Chen C, Yu Z. (2022) Handsome or Rugged? A Speed-dating Study of Ovulatory Shifts in Womens Preferences for Masculinity in Men. Under revision for Human Nature.

o   Gauran I, Xue G, Chen C, Ombao H, Yu Z. (2022) Ridge Penalization in High-Dimensional Testing with applications to Imaging Genetics. Frontiers in Neuroscience 16:836100.

o   D'Angelo L, Canale A, Yu Z, Guindani M. (2022) Bayesian nonparametric analysis for the detection of spikes in noisy calcium imaging data. Biometrics. In print.

o   Yu Z, Guindani M, Grieco SF, Chen L, Holmes TC, Xu X. (2022) Beyond t-Test and ANOVA: applications of mixed-effects models for more rigorous statistical analysis in neuroscience research. Neuron. 110: 21-23.

Data and web-based supplemental materials are available from


o   Shen T, Lur G, Xu X, Yu Z. (2022) To Deconvolve, or Not to Deconvolve: Inferences of Neuronal Activities using Calcium Imaging Data. Journal Neuroscience Methods. 366: 109431

o   Shen, Johnston K, Lur G, Guidani M, Ombao H, Xu X, Yu Z. (2021) Time-varying ℓ0 optimization for Spike Inference from Multi-Trial Calcium Recordings. Submitted. arXiv preprint. arXiv:2103.03818

o   Pluta D, Xu X, Gillen D, Yu Z. (2021). A Measurement of In-Betweenness and Inference Based on Shape Theories. Submitted. arXiv preprint. arXiv:2103.09718

o   Brandt AU, Sy M, Bellmann-Strobl J, Newton BL, Pawling J, Zimmermann HG, Yu Z, Chien C, Dorr J, Wuerfel JT, Dennis JW, Paul F, Demetriou M (2021) Association of a Marker of N-Acetylglucosamine With Progressive Multiple Sclerosis and Neurodegeneration. JAMA Neurology. 78:842-852.

o   Pluta D, Shen T, Xue G, Chen C, Ombao H, Yu Z. (2021) Ridge-penalized adaptive Mantel test and its application in imaging genetics. Statistics in Medicine. 40:5313-5332.

o   Grieco SF, Qiao X, Zheng X, Liu Y, Chen L, Zhang H, Yu, Z, Gavornik JP, Lai C, Gandhi SP, Holmes TC. (2020). Subanesthetic ketamine reactivates adult cortical plasticity to restore vision from amblyopia. Current Biology, 30:3591-3603.

o   Feng J, Chen C, Cai Y, Ye Z, Feng K, Liu J, Zhang L, Yang Q, Li A, Sheng J, Zhu B, Yu Z, Chen C, Dong Q, Xue G. (2020) Partitioning heritability analyses unveil the genetic architecture of human brain multidimensional functional connectivity patterns. Human Brain Mapping. 41:3305-3317.

o   Sy M, Brandt AU, Lee SU, Newton BL, Pawling J, Golzar A, Rahman AM, Yu Z, Cooper G, Scheel M, Paul, F. (2020). N-acetylglucosamine drives myelination by triggering oligodendrocyte precursor cell differentiation. Journal of Biological Chemistry, 295:17413-17424.


Older Articles (selected)

o   Pluta D, Yu Z, Shen T, Chen C, Xue G, Ombao H. (2018) Statistical Methods and Challenges in Connectome Genetics. Statistics and Probability Letters. 136:83-86

o   Interiano M, Kazemi K, Wang L, Yang J, Yu Z, Komarova NL. (2018) Musical trends and predictability of success in contemporary songs on and off the top charts. To appear in Royal Society Open Science, 5: 171274.

o   Wu K, Chen C, Moyzis RK, Nuno M, Yu Z, Greenberger E. (2018) More than Skin Deep: Uncovering Major Histocompatibility Complex (MHC)-Based Attraction among Asian American Speed-daters. Evolution and Human Behavior, 39(4):447-456.

o   Wu K, Chen C, Moyzis RK, Greenberger E, Yu Z. (2016) Gender Interacts with Opioid Receptor Polymorphism A118G and Serotonin Receptor Polymorphism -1438A/G on Speed-dating Success. Human Nature, 27(3):244-60.

o   Yu Z, Demetriou M, Gillen D. (2015) Genome-wide analysis of gene-gene and gene-environment interactions using closed-form Wald tests. Genetic Epidemiology, 39: 446-455. (software: GG_Wald)

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(taken in November 2018)