Open Questions

I haven't found anything in B35/S236 similar to Life's eater. Is there a stable glider eater? Or a stable glider mirror?

One of the most common chaotic growth seeds is the boat, V, or W pentomino (all different phases of the same pattern). Can this pattern be stabilized and made to follow tracks formed by still lifes or oscillators, the way the Herschel can in life?

Which still lifes, oscillators, and spaceships can be synthesized by glider crashes or produced by puffers?

Which other spaceships can be shot from guns? Is it possible to make a spaceship gun in which none of the intermediate patterns is a glider?

There exist stable infinite patterns with density at least 80% (compared to life for which the maximum density is 50%). Can such density be achieved in a finite stable or oscillating pattern? Is there a finite pattern which grows to fill space at this density?

B35/S236 -- Cellular Automata -- D. Eppstein -- UCI Inf. & Comp. Sci.