Glider and Spaceship Guns

Dean found a very simple gun based on two p68 oscillators:
p68 gun

The p68 can also eat gliders, or turn them 180 or 90 degrees:

p68 eater p68 mirror p68 turn

The timing of p68 glider streams turns out to be quite convenient for many reactions, but if the p68 gun is not thin enough, one can use these thinner guns:

p136 gun p272 gun

Perhaps the most versatile gun is one with period 408, allowing glider reactions to involve both p24 and p68 oscillators:

p408 gun

It is also possible, but more difficult, to base a gun on the p24 oscillator alone. It seems likely that the following gun can be modified to produce periods of the form 24*k for all sufficiently large values of k; the gun shown has k = 9.

p216 gun

Three glider guns can be combined to form a 4c/10 spaceship gun:

p68 4c/10 gun

One can also use glider collisions to make a gun for the wide 2c/5 spaceship

p68 wide 2c/5 spaceship gun
and for the c/6 spaceship:
p136 c/6 spaceship gun

B35/S236 -- Cellular Automata -- D. Eppstein -- UCI Inf. & Comp. Sci.