Gliders and Spaceships

Despite the resemblance of the rules to Life's (differing only in B5 and S6), none of the usual life gliders and spaceships seem to work here. But the reason I started looking at B35/S236 was its small 2c/5 glider, which arises spontaneously from a lot of reactions:


There are also other 2c/5 spaceships (the second one below has period 10):

wide 2c/5 spaceship 4c/10 spaceship

Many large c/2 spaceships:

c/2 spaceships

Several large c/3 spaceships:

c/3 spaceships

c/4, c/5, c/6, and 3c/7 spaceships, and a c/4 diagonal (glide-reflect) spaceship:

c/4 spaceship c/5 spaceship
c/6 spaceship
3c/7 spaceship
c/4 diagonal spaceship

All three 2c/5 spaceships, and the c/6 spaceship, can be shot from guns. Many higher-period c/2 spaceships can be made using Jason Summers' puffer constructions.

B35/S236 -- Cellular Automata -- D. Eppstein -- UCI Inf. & Comp. Sci.