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09-03-21 The SimSE source code is now on GitHub. See the contribute page.
09-03-21 SimSE video tutorials are now on youtube. See the downloads page.
12-01-09 SimSE was awarded the 2009 Premier Award for Excellence in Engineering Education Courseware at the 2009 FIE conference in San Antonio, TX!
01-05-08 Course modules for each model are available by email request to These modules are explicitly designed to support instructors and integrally address classroom methodology. They include such elements as learning objectives, suggested supporting lectures and assignments, and instructions for students and instructors.
08-26-08 We now offer SimSE video tutorials! See the downloads page.
07-09-08 The SimSE models, games, and available icons for building custom models have been modified to include more ethnically diverse characters! See the downloads page.
01-30-08 All SimSE games (and games generated by the ModelBuilder) now feature a Multiple Timelines Browser, which provides a graphical front-end for launching parallel games/timelines to explore alternatives, and managing these timelines. See the downloads page.
11-20-07 .exe versions of the Modelbuilder, as well as each generated game have been posted, to allow for easier access. See the downloads page.
10-02-07 A new version of the Modelbuilder that supports multiple branchings of a game has been released, and posted on the downloads page. This feature allows a player to return to any previous point in their game and start a new game from that point. Each new "branch" can run in parallel with the original game, as well as any other branches that are running. This feature is specifiable per model, via the Modelbuilder. Generated games of each available simulation model with this feature have also been posted on the downloads page.
09-18-07 A new version of the Modelbuilder that supports the generation of SimSE games with access to the explanatory tool during a game (not only at the end, as it was previously) has been posted. Generated games of each available simulation model with this feature (explanatory tool access during the game) are available by request to See the downloads page.
09-04-07 New versions of the Modelbuilder, as well as all of the generated games have been posted, due to a bug fix (the reset button now works properly!) See the downloads page.

The Extreme Programming (XP) model has been released! See the downloads page.


We have also started a SimSE Google Group, where those who are using or are just interested in SimSE can ask questions, have discussions, etc.


Version 3.5 of the Modelbuilder has been released, which includes some bug fixes and various enhancements such as:

  • The ability to specify code generation settings for a model (i.e., where to generate code and where to find the images directory) and save them, so that the user isn't required to give this information every time they want to generate a game.
  • The ability to re-order various model builder lists, such as lists of attributes, start state objects, actions, action participants, and rules.
  • The ability to specify activation/deactivation of (a) specific action(s) by an effect rule, in addition to specifying "activate all" or "deactivate all."

Included in Modelbuilder version 3.5 is a newly enhanced code generator, which also includes new features for generated games such as:

  • "Check all" and "clear all" buttons for employee participant selection dialogs.
  • Employee pictures next to employee names on dialog boxes for choosing which employees will participate in an action.
  • An improved explanatory tool that allows players to access the rule descriptions through the main explanatory tool interface (rather than requiring them to click on an action graph to access it).

Each model has also been improved based on user studies.


Also available are a SimSE Player's Manual, a SimSE Instructor's Manual, and revised Model Builder Documentation.


All are available on the downloads page.


Version 3.4 of the Modelbuilder has been released, which now allows users to generate games with an explanatory tool, a tool that presents a graphical representation of the simulation run, designed to give players more insight into their score and the underlying process. All generated games have been updated to include the explanatory tool as well. See the downloads page.


06-12-06 The Rational Unified Process model has been released! See the downloads page.
04-11-06 The rapid prototyping model has been released! See the downloads page.
06-10-05 Version 2.1 of the Modelbuilder has been released, due to a minor bug fix on version 2.0. (See the downloads page.)

A brand new version of the Modelbuilder has been released (version 2.0)! (See the downloads page.) This version includes the following features/enhancements:

  • Improved usability of the model builder; less clicking is required to navigate around and build a model.
  • Object types, actions, and rules can now be renamed.
  • An optional hiring/firing process is now built-in.
  • A new option for rules (execute on join status) has been added; see model builder documentation, Section 4.3.2, for more information.
  • The model builder no longer requires you to specify the directory for simulation images (only for your model-specific object icons).
  • Some new character icons have been added, as well as a "papers" icon for use in decorating the office.
  • In the generated games, a refresh problem has been fixed.
  • In the generated games, "reset" (to start a new game) and "info" (to bring up the starting narrative again) buttons have been added.
  • Newly added to the model builder user manual/documentation is a tips and tricks guide that will help in common problems/issues people have run into in building models.
05-24-05 Both the Incremental and the Inspection models (version 1) and associated games have been released! See the downloads page.
03-10-05 The Extreme Programming Model (version 1) and associated game have been released! See the downloads page.
03-08-05 Modelbuilder updated to version 1.7 (minor bug fix). Also released new employee icons. All are available in the downloads page.
03-03-05 Launch of new SimSE Website





To date, we have performed preliminary background research and have completed an extensive software engineering literature survey from which we have collected 85 general software engineering "rules of behavior" (click here to see them). We then explored various architectural design alternatives, created a detailed design of the simulation environment, and implemented a non-graphical prototype simulation environment with a single, hard-coded model inside. We then did a major re-design of SimSE to be completely customizable so that an instructor can create their own software process models to be simulated in SimSE. This new version of SimSE, which includes a model builder and a code generator that generates a customized, fully graphical simulation environment, has recently been completed and is now available for download, along with an initial simulation model of a waterfall process . We are currently building three more models, one of a code inspection process, one based on the Rational Unified Process, and one based on Extreme Programming.

SimSE was funded by NSF grant number DUE-0618869.

SimSE, University of California, Irvine

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