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  1. How long does it take to play a SimSE game?
    1. This depends on the model on which the particular game is built, as well as how many times one has played the particular game before (The first one or two times are generally slower, as the player becomes acquainted with the user interface and the dynamics of the game). Based on our experience, it takes approximately 30 minutes to two hours to play the waterfall model game, 10-20 minutes for rapid prototyping, 2-10 minutes for inspection, 20 minutes to an hour for RUP (no data is yet available for the incremental model or the XP model).
  1. How is SimSE meant to be used in the classroom?
    1. There are several different ways SimSE can be used in the classroom. Each use will depend on the objectives, time, flexibility, and environment of the instructor and teaching situation.
    2. The simplest way SimSE could be used is by just assigning students a simulation as a homework exercise. Of course, being the least involved approach, this may also provide the least inimal benefit of all of the approaches.
    3. An instructor could also use SimSE in class, as an illustration tool for the concepts being taught in a lecture. For example, when talking about different life cycles, an instructor could show SimSE simulations of each life cycle model. Of course, this option would require more time and more effort in actually building different models, but would also be more rewarding than more simple options. An additional enhancement to this approach would be having each student in the class also run the simulations on their laptops.
    4. Ideally, reflection and dialogue sessions should accompany student use of SimSE, in which they are asked to reflect on and discuss the lessons they learned. This is also helpful in evaluating the quality of the models.
    5. Advanced students could even build their own models of software processes.
    6. Or, try your own approach -- new ideas are welcome!
  • What do I need to run SimSE?
    • The latest JDK (Java SE Development Kit). Once that is installed, you should be able to simply double-click on any of the SimSE .exe or .jar files to run them.
  1. How do I submit a bug report, request a feature, or ask a question that wasn't answered here?
    1. Go here.

SimSE was funded by NSF grant number DUE-0618869.

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