Arthur Asuncion



I enjoy playing the guitar and making music. I also like to write music-related software. Feel free to visit the links below.

Guitar Instruction:

  • Guitar Intelli-Generator (G.I.G.): This applet is perhaps the most versatile guitar chord applet on the Internet. This program actually generates all the possible positions of a desired chord. There is support for full and partial capos as well as alternate tunings. Best of all, it's free to use!
  • Guitar Factory: I made this site when I was doing guitar tutoring. To play the guitar, you really only have to know two things: 1) the chords; 2) the strumming/picking patterns. The Guitar Factory will teach you how to strum and pick simple patterns. G.I.G. will teach you the chords.


  • Grace Again [ mp3 (4 MB) ]: This is a mellow guitar instrumental that I made a while ago. It is in the alternate tuning of GCEGCD. The reason for the title is because I tried to emulate a similar guitar piece called "Grace" by Danny Donnelly, and because the ending cadence is the melody of "Amazing Grace."
  • So Amazed [ mp3 (5.2 MB) ] [ chord sheet ]: This song took a while to record. It is about a love that never ceases to amaze me.


  • DSPage: Check out some digital signal processing work I've done with wavelets.