Arthur Asuncion



Faith is something we exercise daily, whether we know it or not. We have faith that the sun will rise each day. We place great faith in our cars and the ability of drivers to adhere to traffic signals. And every time we sit on a chair, we have faith that it will not break.

While we exercise faith in different objects each day, there is one faith that is the most important of all: faith in God. Our national currency attests to this importance with the motto, "In God We Trust." But how can we know that God is real? And does God care for us?

These are fundamental questions of life. We all want to know the answers. The Bible gives good news for you and me! God is real and He does care for us. You can know how to have peace with God .

Perhaps there are doubts of God's existence because we cannot see Him. That is where faith comes in. I will attempt to convey to you, though, that faith in God need not be blind. If you are wondering if the world could have existed without a Creator, please go to my origins page.

Others might question the validity of the Bible, the bestselling book of all history and the book on which witnesses pledge to tell the truth. It's perfectly alright to be skeptical when examining the claims of the Bible! But it is also important to have an open mind that does not dismiss the Bible a priori. Here are some articles I have written that may shed some light on these issues: