Vijay V. Vazirani

Distinguished Professor
Computer Science Department
University of California, Irvine

Director, ACO Center @ UCI

Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley
S.B., Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Three Recent Talks:

1). Online Bipartite Matching and Adwords
Talk at Institute of Advanced Studies, Princeton, March 2022..

2). A Theory of Alternating Paths and Blossoms, from the Perspective of Minimum Length Two-talk sequance, Simons Institute, October, 2023.

3). LP-Duality and the Cores of Games
Online and Matching-Based Market Design, Simons Institute Workshop, October, 2023

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Some Interesting Asides:

1). My father's books

2). John von Neumann Theory Prize Citation.

3). TCS: Looking into the Future

4). A worthy cause

Research Interests

Algorithmic problems in mathematical economics and game theory, design of efficient exact and approximation algorithms, computational complexity theory.


1). Approximation Algorithms, Springer-Verlag, Berlin, 2001.
Preface, Table of Contents, and Chapter 1.

2). Algorithmic Game Theory, Noam Nisan, Tim Roughgarden, Eva Tardos, and Vijay V. Vazirani, editors, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 2007.
Non-printable version on the web and DIMAP Workshop (Warwick University) introducing the book.

3). Online and Matching-Based Market Design, Federico Echenique, Nicole Immorlica and Vijay V. Vazirani, editors, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 2023.
Available for free download here. The password is OMBMD_CUP

Selected Recent Papers

Matching-Based Papers

  • ``A Theory of Alternating Paths and Blossoms, from the Perspective of Minimum Length'', To appear in Math of Operations Research.
    Two-talk sequance, Simons Institute, October, 2023.

  • ``The Assignment Game: New Mechanisms for Equitable Core Imputations'', arXiv, 2024.

  • ``Cardinal-Utility Matching Markets: The Quest for Envy-Freeness, Pareto-Optimality, and Efficient Computability'', with T. Trobst, ACM EC, 2024.

  • ``LP-Duality Theory and the Cores of Game'', arXiv, 2023.

  • ``The Investment Management Game: Extending the Scope of the Notion of Core'', SAGT, 2024.

  • "Towards a Practical, Budget-Oblivious Algorithm for the Adwords Problem under Small Bids", FSTTCS, 2023.

  • ``The General Graph Matching Game: Approximate Core'', Games and Economic Behavior, vol 132 (2022).

  • ''The Stable Matching Lattice under Changed Preferences, and Associated Algorithms'', with R. Gangam, T. Mai and N. Raju, arXiv, 2023.

  • ``Cores of Games via Total Dual Integrality, with Applications to Perfect Graphs and Polymatroids'', arXiv, 2022.

  • ``New Characterizations of Core Imputations of Matching and b-Matching Games'', FSTTCS, 2022.

  • ''A Structural and Algorithmic Study of Stable Matching Lattices of ``Nearby'' Instances, with Applications'', with R. Gangam, T. Mai and N. Raju, FSTTCS, 2022.

  • ``Online Bipartite Matching and Adwords'', Mathematical Foundations of Computer Sceince, 2022.

  • ``Combinatorial Algorithms for Matching Markets via Nash Bargaining: One-Sided, Two-Sided and Non-Bipartite*'', with I. Panageas and T. Trobst, arXiv, 2021.

  • ``Nash-Bargaining-Based Models for Matching Markets: One-Sided and Two-Sided; Fisher and Arrow-Debrew'', with M. Hosseini, ITCS, 2022.

  • ``One-Sided Matching Markets with Endowments: Equilibria and Algorithms'', with J. Garg and T. Trobst, AAMAS, 2022.

  • ``An Extension of the Birkhoff-von Neumann Theorem to Non-Bipartite Graphs'', arXiv, 2020.

  • ``Stability-Preserving, Time-Efficient Mechanisms for School Choice in Two Rounds'', with K. Gajulapalli,, J. Liu and T. Mai, FSTTCS, 2020.

  • ``Computational Complexity of the Hylland-Zeckhauser Scheme for One-Sided Matching Markets'', with M. Yannakakis, ITCS, 2021.

  • ``A Real Polynomial for Bipartite Graph Minimum Weight Perfect Matchings'', with T. Trobst, Information Processing Letters, 2022.

  • ``Matching is as Easy as the Decision Problem, in the NC Model'', with N. Anari, ITCS, 2020.

  • ``Planar Graph Perfect Matching is in NC''. with N. Anari, FOCS, 2018. Journal of ACM 67(4), 2020.

  • ``NC Algorithms for Perfect Matching and Maximum Flow in One-Crossing-Minor-Free Graphs''. with D. Eppstein, SIAM J. COMPUT 50(3), 2021.

  • ``Finding Stable Matchings that are Robust to Errors in the Input''. with T. Mai, ESA, 2018.

    Algorithms for Markets and Bargaining

  • ``Nash Social Welfare for Indivisible Items under Separable, Piecewise-Linear Concave Utilities''. with N. Anari, T. Mai and S. Oveis Gharan, SODA, 2018.

  • ``A Performance-Based Scheme for Pricing Resources in the Cloud''. with K. Jain and T. Mai, WINE, 2017.

  • ``Settling the Complexity of Arrow-Debreu Markets under Leontief and PLC Utilities, using the Classes FIXP and ∃R''. with J. Garg, R. Mehta and S. Yazdanbod, STOC, 2017.

  • ``Convex Program Duality, Fisher Markets, and Nash Social Welfare''. with R. Cole, N. Devanur, V. Gkatzelis, K. Jain, T. Mai and S. Yazdanbod, ACM EC, 2017.

  • ``A New Class of Combinatorial Markets with Covering Constraints: Algorithms and Applications''. with N. Devanur, J. Garg, R. Mehta and S. Yazdanbod, SODA, 2017.

  • ``Allocation of Divisible Goods under Lexicographic Preferences'', with L. Schulman, FSTTCS (2015).

  • ``Dichotomies in Equilibrium Computation, and Complementary Pivot Algorithms for a New Class of Non-Separable Utility Functions'', with J. Garg and R. Mehta, STOC (2014).

  • ``An Incentive Compatible, Efficient Market for Air Traffic Flow Management, with R. Mehta, Theoretical Computer Science (2020).

  • ``On Computability of Equilibria in Markets with Production'', with J. Garg, SODA (2014).

  • ``A Complementary Pivot (Practical) Algorithm for Markets Under Separable, Piecewise-Linear Concave Utilities'', with J. Garg, R. Mehta and M. Sohoni, STOC (2012).

  • ``The Notion of a Rational Convex Program, and an Algorithm for the Arrow-Debreu Nash Bargaining Game'', Journal of ACM, vol. 59(2) (2012).

  • ``Market Equilibrium under Separable, Piecewise-Linear, Concave Utilities'', with M. Yannakakis, Journal of ACM, vol. 58(3) (2011).

  • ``Equilibrium Pricing of Semantically Substitutable Digital Goods'', with K. Jain, in arXiv, (2012).

  • ``How Many Tiers? Pricing in the Internet Transit Market'', with V. Valancius, C. Lumezanu, N. Feamster and R. Johari, SIGCOMM (2011).

  • ``Non-Separable, Concave Utilities are Easy -- in a Perfect Price Discrimination Market Model'', SIAM J. Discrete Math, 27(1) (2013).

  • ``Rational Convex Programs and Efficient Algorithms for 2-Player Nash and Nonsymmetric Bargaining Games'', SIAM J. Discrete Math, 26(3) (2012).

  • ``A Perfect Price Discrimination Market Model with Production, and a Rational Convex Program for it'', with G. Goal, Math of Operations Research, 36: 762-782 (2011).

  • ``Continuity Properties of Equilibrium Prices and Allocations in Linear Fisher Markets'', with N. Megiddo, WINE (2007).

  • ``Spending Constriant Utilities, with Applications to the Adwords Market'', Math of Operations Research 35(2), 2010.

  • ``New Results on Rationality and Strongly Polynomial Solvability in Eisenberg-Gale Markets with Two Agents'', with D. Chakrabarty and N. Devanur, SIAM J. Discrete Math, 24(3), 2010.

  • ``Eisenberg-Gale Markets: Algorithms and Game-Theoretic Properties'', with K. Jain, Games and Economic Behavior, 70(1), 2010.

  • ``Adwords and Generalized Online Matching'', with A. Mehta, A. Saberi and U. Vazirani, Journal of ACM 54(5), 2007.
    SIAM News article by Sara Robinson on this work.

  • ``Market Equilibria for Homothetic, Quasi-Concave Utilities and Economies of Scale in Procudtion'', with K. Jain and Y. Ye, SODA (2005).

  • ``Rate Control as a Market Equilibrium'', with F. P. Kelly, unpublished note (2002).

  • ``Market Equilibrium via a Primal-Dual Algorithm for a Convex Program'', with N. Devanur, C. Papadimitriou, and A. Saberi, Journal of ACM, vol. 55(5) (2008).

    Other Recent Papers

    1. ``Cycles in Zero-Sum Differential Games and Biological Diversity'', with T. Mai, M. Mihail, I. Panageas, W. Ratcliff and P. Yunker, ACM EC, 2018.

    2. ``Mutation, Sexual Reproduction and Survival in Dynamic Environments'', with R. Mehta, I. Panageas, G. Piliouras and P. Tetali, ITCS, 2017.

    3. ``Settling Some Open Problems on 2-Player Symmetric Nash Equilibria'', with R. Mehta and S. Yazdanbod, SAGT (2015).

    4. ``ETR-Completeness for Decision Versions of Multi-Player (Symmetric) Nash Equilibria'', with J. Garg, R. Mehta and S. Yazdanbod, ICALP (2015).

    5. ``New Geometry-Inspired Relaxations and Algorithms for the Metric Steiner Tree Problem'', with D. Chakrabarty and N. Devanur, Math Programming, Series A (2009).

    6. ``Solvency Games'', with N. Berger, N. Kapur, and L. Schulman, FSTTCS 2008.

    7. ``Design is as Easy as Optimization'', with D. Chakrabarty and A. Mehta, SIAM Journal on Discrete Math, 24(1) (2010).

    8. ``Equitable Cost Allocations via Primal-Dual-Type Algorithms'', with K. Jain, SIAM Journal on Computing, 38(1) (2008).

    9. ``Diversity in Times of Adversity: Probabilistic Strategies in Microbial Survival Games'', with D. Wolf and A. Arkin, Journal of Theoretical Biology, vol. 234, 2005.
      Reviewed in Faculty of 1000.

    10. ``A Microbial Modified Prisoner's Dilemma Game: How Frequency-Dependent Selection can Lead to Random Phase Variation'', with D. Wolf and A. Arkin, Journal of Theoretical Biology, vol. 234, 2005.

    11. ``The Spending Constraint Model for Market Equilibrium: Algorithmic, Existence and Uniqueness Results'', with N. Devanur, STOC 2004.

    12. ``On the Capacity of Multiple Unicast Sessions in Unidrected Networks'', with K. Jain, R. Yeung and G. Yuval, ISIT 2005.

    13. ``Improved Simulated Annealing Algoirthm for the Permanent and Combinatorial Counting Problems'', with I. Bezakova, D. Stefankovic and E. Vigoda, SIAM Journal of Computing, 37(5) (2008) 1429 -1454.

    14. ``A stochastic process on the hypercube with applications to peer-to-peer networks'', with M. Adler, E. Halperin, and R. M. Karp, Proc. STOC 2003.

    15. ``Greedy Facility Location Algorithms Analyzed using Dual Fitting with Factor-Revealing LP'', with K. Jain, M. Mahdian, E. Markakis, and A. Saberi, Journal of ACM, 50(6) (2003), 795-824.

    16. ``A computationally motivated definition of parametric estimation and its applications to the Gaussian distribution'', with L. J. Schulman, Combinatorica 25(4) (2005) 465-486.

    17. ``Applications of Approximation Algorithms to Cooperative Games'', with K. Jain, Proc. STOC 2001.

    18. ``Approximation Algorithms for Metric Facility Location and k-Median Problems Using the Primal-Dual Schema and Lagrangian Relaxation'', with K. Jain, Journal of ACM, Vol. 48 (2001) 274-296.

    19. ``A Graph Theoretic Approach to Software Watermarking'', with R. Venkatesan and S. Sinha, 4th International Information Hiding Workshop, Pittsburgh (2001).

    20. ''An optimal algorithm for on-line bipartite matching'', with R. Karp and U. Vazirani, STOC (1990).

    21. ``Pfaffian Orientations, 0/1 Permanents, and Even Cycles in Directed Graphs.'', with M. Yannakakis, Discrete and Applied Mathematics, 25. (1989).

    Other Selected Papers: Click here

    Selected Talks

    Online Bipartite Matching and Adwords
    Talk at Institute of Advanced Studies, Princeton, March 2022..

    New Insights into Shapley-Shubik
    Talk at Harvard University, April 2022..

    TAU Theory-Fest, Plenary Session, 2019:

    Matching is as Easy as the Decision Problem, in the NC Model

    Simons Institute Richard M. Karp Distinguished Lecture, 2019: Algorithmic Opportunities in Matching Markets.

    Simons Institute, 2018: Google's AdWords Market: How Theory Influenced Practice.

    University of Washington TV, 2010: The "Invisible Hand of the Market": Algorithmic Ratification and the Digital Economy.

    Two talks for the algorithmically inclined on
    ``Combinatorial Algorithms for Convex Programs Capturing Market Equilibria and Nash Bargaining Solutions''

    Egervary Research Group on Combinatorial Optimization, Budapest, Hungary, September 2009.

    1) The Problems
    2) Algorithms

    ``Nash Bargaining via Flexible Budget Markets'' talk ppt
    Youtube, Google Research, September 2008.

    ``New Market Models and Algorithms'' talk ppt
    Webcast from Microsoft Research, May 2006.
    ACO Distinguished Lecture, April 2006.

    ``Markets and the Primal-Dual Paradigm'' talk ppt
    Keynote address, DIMAP Workshop, Warwick University, March 2007.
    MS&E Colloquium (Distinguished lecture), Stanford University, May 2007.
    Plenary talk, WINE, San Diego, December 2007.

    Past and Present Ph.D. Students

      Mark Krentel
      Samir Khuller
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      Ion Mandoiu
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      Nikhil R. Devanur
      Deeparnab Chakrabarty
      Gagan Goel
      Chinmay Karande
      Lei Wang
      Pushkar Tripathi
      Sadra Yazdanbod
      Tung Mai
      Thorben Trobst
      Rohith Reddy Gangam
      Parnian Shahkar
      Nikolas Patris

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