Information and Computer Science 229
Seminar in Informatics

Fall Quarter 2004

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Richard N. Taylor
ICS2 203
(949) 824 - 6429


Meeting, part 1 : CS 259, Friday 2:00 (note time change!)

Meeting, part 2: ICS2-136, Friday at 3:00

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From the Catalog: "Current research and research trends in Informatics. Forum for presentation and criticism by students of research work in progress. May be repeated for credit. "
All students are expected to attend all sessions. During the first hour of our weekly meeting we will typically have two student presentations. During the second hour we will join the rest of the Informatics Department in the Friday Research Hour. That hour will be devoted to faculty research talks, grad student talks (possibly including talks by students enrolled in 229), and other activities still to be determined.


Add/Drop Policy
Determined by the School of ICS policy.

All students enrolled in the course will earn a letter grade based upon: (a) class attendance and participation, (b) presentation(s) in class,You will receive one overall grade at the end of the class; no partial grades will be given.
To receive credit for the class you MUST make at least one presentation during the quarter. The presentation can be a dry-run for a conference talk you are scheduled to give, a practice talk for your candidacy exam, or, if you are not that far along in the program, a presentation of some papers you found to be interesting, or perhaps even a tutorial/overview of some interesting tools. Talks are limited to 30 minutes, including questions.

  • September 24
    • Organization and sign-ups for talks
  • October 1
    • Giving talks.
    • Patents, continued.
    • Chasing money and why you should know. Large pots and small pots. Writing proposals.
    • Reviewing papers.
  • October 8
    • Hazel Asuncion
    • Olga Rivero
  • October 15
    • Jigar Kotak
    • Nghi Nguyen
  • October 22
    • Ben Pillet
    • Sushil Bajracharya
  • October 29 NOTE: class will start at 1:30 p.m.!
    • Stacy Tang
    • Mamadou Diallo
    • Sharon Ding
  • November 5 NOTE: class will start at 1:30 p.m.
    • Lihua Xu
    • Sukanya Ratanotayanon
    • Tosin A.
  • November 12 NOTE: class will start at 1:30 p.m.... even though we only two speakers.
    • Alex Baker
    • Michael Gorlick
  • November 19 NOTE: class will start at 1:30 p.m.
    • Norman Su
    • Chris van der Westhuizen
    • Ping Chen
  • November 26 (No class; Thanksgiving break)
  • December 3 NOTE: class will start at 1:30 p.m.
    • Fei Hoffman
    • Justin Harris
    • Joanna Zhou