Fall Quarter
Winter Quarter
Spring Quarter
2008-2009 Informatics 121 (Software Design I)

Informatics 117 (Project in Software Systems Design)

Informatics 221 (Software Architecture)

No scheduled classes
2007-2008 Informatics 211 (Software Engineering) Informatics 221 (Software Architecture) Informatics 123 (Software Architectures, Distributed Systems, and Interoperability)
2006-2007 Informatics 211 (was ICS 221) Informatics 295 Topic: Software Patents, Litigation, and Intellectual Property Informatics 119 (was ICS 127) Advanced Project in Software Engineering.
On Sabbatical
2004- 2005

ICS 52

ICS 125

ICS 229 (Informatics Seminar)

No scheduled classes No scheduled classes
2003-2004 ICS 125

ICS 52

No scheduled classes

ICS 52

ICS 221

ICS 280, which is this year's disguise for the forthcoming ICS 223, "Software Architectures" No scheduled classes

ICS 52

ICS 280 (Peer-to-Peer Architectures)

ICS 228, Software Environments

ICS 123 Software Architectures and Distributed Systems

ICS 127: Project in System Design:

2000-2001 ICS 229 On Sabbatical  
1999-2000 ICS 125

ICS 125 (second section)

ICS 280E, Software Architectures and Internet Protocols

No scheduled classes

ICS 126A/125

ICS 228, Software Environments

1997-1998 ICS 126A

ICS 126B

ICS 227


ICS 221A

ICS 229

ICS 52 (co-taught with David Rosenblum)

ICS 125B



N.B. Any student who feels he or she may need an accommodation based on the impact of a disability should contact me privately to discuss his or her specific needs. Also contact the Disability Services Center at (949) 824-7494 as soon as possible to better ensure that such accommodations are implementationed in a timely fashion.