Parallel Architectures and Systems Lab

The Parallel Architectures and Systems group in the Department of Computer Science at UCI conducts research on processor architecture and software for parallel, high-performance and distributed systems (including embedded systems). The best way to learn about our work is to look at our projects and publications.

People (2019)

Left to right: Alex V, Michael, Fedor, Sajjad, Neftali, Aniket,, and Alex Nicolau


Computers and Art

Improving automatic vectorization


WebRTC and WebRTCBench

"WebRTC is perhaps the most disruptive of all HTML5 APIs. By making the audio and video communications programmable in the browser language, it is expected to have a profound impact on the way we communicate with each other. WebRTC will enable exciting new experiences on computing devices in individual communications, group meetings, e-commerce, customer support, remote collaborations, media, and online education among others. WebRTC has the potential of transforming the web to the main real-time interaction medium.

Kudos to the UC Irvine research team of Prof. Nicolau and Prof. Veidenbaum for developing WebRTCBench, a ground breaking benchmarking suite for quantitative measurement of the system characteristics of fundamental operations of WebRTC. With the rapidly increasing importance of WebRTC in computing and communication industries, I have growing hope that WebRTCBench will play a major role in helping optimize WebRTC implementations and shape this exceptionally important emerging technology."

Dr. Mohammad Reza Haghighat
Senior Principal Engineer and leader of Intel HTML5 technical strategy

Compiler and performance optimization using similarity analysis

Improving single core performance via compiler-assisted out-of-order commit

Some prior projects