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Annual Sponsorship Contributions
(valid through December 1999)

Sustaining, Gold Privileges
Category I, not joint with USC/CSE            
Category I, joint with USC/CSE                  
Supporting, Gold Privileges
Category II
Category III
Category IV
Supporting, Silver Privileges
Category I
Northern California (Bay Area)

Sponsorship Categories

Category I: Annual sales > $400 million
Category II: Annual sales > $100 million
Category III: Annual Sales < $100 million
Category IV: 5 or fewer employees

When more than one sponsorship category is applicable, the category with the highest contribution is required.

Sponsorship Benefits

Benefits for All Sponsors

Gold Privileges

Gold Privileges, Sustaining Sponsors

Silver Privileges

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is the decision and policy making body that guides IRUS and provides direction for IRUS's future. The Executive Committee is comprised of IRUS faculty and representatives from IRUS sponsors, ensuring that sponsors have direct input into the development of new programs, new activities, and policy decisions. Committee members choose topics for events such as technology symposia, and themes for new roundtables and technical interchange/networking meeting series. The Executive Committee meets quarterly.

* Refers to Special Events sponsored solely by IRUS.

Contact Information

For more information on corporate sponsorship, please contact:
Debra A. Brodbeck
IRUS Technical Relations Director

(949) 824-2260

Irvine Research Unit in Software
Information and Computer Science
University of California, Irvine
Irvine, CA 92697-3425