IRUS wishes to thank its corporate sponsors:

The Boeing Company
Microsoft Corporation
Northrop Grumman Corporation
Raytheon Company
Sun Microsystems Laboratories
FileNet Corporation
Printronix, Inc.

Continuus Software Corporation
Hewlett Packard Company
Rincon Research Corporation

Quotes from our sponsors

"UCI is a technology-rich institution. IRUS has proven to be a significant channel for technology inputs at Sun."
Dr. Thomas D. Arkwright, Java Architect
Sun Microsystems

"The IRUS software engineering and computer science faculty at UC Irvine have shown a consistently high level of commitment to working closely with their industry partners. This is reflected in the selection of research topics that are relevant to the needs of indus try, such as hypertext technology, software process support, and software testing. It is also reflected in the industry-relevant themes of the research colloquia that they organize, such as the California Software Symposium. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, it is reflected in the ongoing, frequent informal interactions they wel come and encourage from their industry partners."
Gregory F. Johnson, Principal Engineer
Northrop Grumman Corporation

"IRUS has provided a forum for Boeing to openly communicate with academia on topics relevant to its software process improve ment needs. Boeing's participation in IRUS has also provided the opportunity to interact, coordinate and collaborate with other com panies in the exchange of information, experiences, and ideas that are unique to the development of high quality software through process improvement."
Paul Arnold, Senior Manager, Software Engineering Technology
The Boeing Company

"Beckman is pleased to continue our sponsorship of the Irvine Research Unit in Software. Through a variety of events and forums IRUS provides an opportunity for industry and academia to exchange ideas on current best practices as well as peek into the future."
Gayle Nobbs, Manager, Software Development Diagnostics Center
Beckman Instruments

"TRW has supported IRUS for the past six years and has been active in the Southern California SPIN, California Software Symposium (CSS), the Conference on Software Process Improvement (CoSPI), and technol ogy symposia such as "WIRED: the Internet and the World Wide Web", and technical research reviews. IRUS activities have provided us with the opportunity to exchange software engineering knowledge with in dustry, government, and academia."
Barbara Mann, Chair, Data Technologies Division SEPG

"Printronix is very pleased to be an industry sponsor for IRUS. Software engineering is a rapidly expanding component of our product develop ment, and our association with IRUS has provided us with the capability to network with other companies, and academia, on trends and advance ments that are important to our engineers. The seminars provide very current information and the topics have been quite relevant to our devel opment environment."
Andy Chapman, Vice President, Engineering
Printronix, Inc.

"The Southern California SPIN and other IRUS programs help FileNet engineering managers and staff stay current with the ever-changing "state of the practice" in the worldwide software industry. IRUS' collab orative programs on object-oriented methods, testing, software quality assurance, process technology, reuse and metrics have helped us inte grate new software technology into our engineering practices, which is essential if we are to continue to be a major player in the dynamic information technology markets of the 90's."
Bill Ball, Director, Software Quality Assurance and Support
FileNet Corporation

"We have been an industry sponsor of IRUS for seven years and continue to be an enthusiastic supporter of this new model of industry/university collaboration. The Southern California SPIN, California Software Symposium, Bay Area Roundtable (BART), and special events such as the Conference on Software Process Improvement and World Wide Web and Internet symposium are just a few of the reasons we feel IRUS has been a WINNER for us!"
Terry Snyder, Corporate Vice-President, Systems and Software Engineering
Hughes Electronics Corporation

"Northrop Grumman has been a sponsor of IRUS for seven years. Software engineering professionals throughout the company fre quently participate in the various activities that IRUS offers. These activities are professionally conducted and contain relevant and timely information which the participants can directly apply to their work. We are pleased to continue our partnership with IRUS."
Leitha Purcell, Corporate Director for Software Processes
Northrop Grumman Corporation

"Boeing has supported IRUS and the Southern California SPIN since its inception. IRUS and its associated programs provide much needed forums for industry and academia to communicate on current software topics. The continuing high quality of the programs and timeliness of the topics are a credit to IRUS."
Donald D. Dillehunt, Director, Software Engineering and Simulation
Boeing North American

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