• Link to a talk I gave recently at UCI summarizing my research so far

  • My research focuses on testing, developing and understanding critical software systems and ways to combine testing, static analysis and machine learning approaches for coming up with better tools and techniques. I have been working on using static code analysis for identifying factors related to code, developer and process that affect the quality of the software measured in terms of bugs and design issues.

  • I have been also exploring the effectiveness of mutation analysis of programs and especially how to make mutation analysis a workable technique for real-world developers and testers. Mutation analysis is a reasonable proxy for measuring the effectiveness of test suites, but its also computationally and time intensive. Even a moderately large software project would require millions of test suite runs. This makes mutation analysis impossible to use by developers and practicing testers working on real-world problems. My research focuses on how we can scale mutation analysis to real world complex software systems.


  • IBM Ph.D. Fellowship for academic year 2016-2017.
  • Graduate School tuition relief Scholarship for academic year 2016-2017
  • IBM Ph.D. Fellowship for academic year 2017-2018.

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