My research is in computational vision, in particular how to integrate mechanisms for visual recognition and perceptual organization with 3D scene understanding. We apply these computational models to a variety of problems including development of tools for biological image and shape analysis in neuroscience, animal development and palynology as well as applications to forensic science.

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cs 116 : computational photography and vision [w10,w11,w13,w14,w16,w17,w18,w19,w20,w21,w22]
cs 117 : project in computer vision [w09,f13,s15,s17,s18,s19,s20,s21,s22]
cs 216 : image understanding [f08,f10,f11,f12,s14,w16,s17,s18,s20,s21,s22]
cs 217 : light and geometry in vision [s10,w12,s15,s19,s21]
ics 162 : modeling and world building [f12,s14,f15]
cs 295 : research topics in vision [s09,w10,w11]
cs 177 : applications of probability in computer science [s08]


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