David Eppstein

David Eppstein at the Balboa pier, December 2009
Closest pairs experimental testbed of algorithms for greedy matching, approximate traveling salesman tours, and hierarchical clustering. C++ source code.

Cryptogram Helper generates and solves substitution ciphers. Web applet and Java source.

Fanorona ancient board game from Madagascar. Web applet and Java source.

Filter keyword-controlled versionization of text files, used for several of my web pages. C source.

Glider programs for finding and listing glider patterns in cellular automata. C source.

LaTeX Unicodifier. OS X application to convert between LaTeX source code and unicode accented latin character strings. Requires OS X version 10.5 (or a working installation of Python and PyObjC).

Lombardi spirograph software to draw graphs with circular-arc edges.

Lookup uses Knuth-Morris-Pratt algorithm to find paragraphs containing a text string. C++ source.

Mail to HTML converter. C++ source code.

Number-theoretic hacks. C, C++, and Mathematica source code.

Python algorithms and data structures.

Tabulizer. OS X table editor. Open source with precompiled executable.

wordsquare software for solving word square puzzles.

webimg Mac program for making my photo web pages. Python source code.

And finally, a blast from the past...