Geometry in Action


This area is quite closely connected with computational geometry; for instance ACM TOG often publishes computational geometry papers. Geometric research topics in graphics include data structures for ray tracing, clipping, and radiosity; hidden surface elimination algorithms; automatic simplification for distant objects; morphing; clustering for color quantization; converting triangulated surfaces to strips of triangles (some graphics engines take inputs in this form to save bandwidth); and construction of low-discrepancy point sets (for oversampling to eliminate Moire effects in ray tracing). Specialized applications of graphics in which other geometric ideas are needed include architecture, virtual reality, and video game programming. This area is also related to mesh generation in several ways: both fields use triangulation algorithms to partition complex surfaces into simpler pieces, and radiosity calculations in graphics are essentially a special case of the finite element method.

Part of Geometry in Action, a collection of applications of computational geometry.
David Eppstein, Theory Group, ICS, UC Irvine.

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