Gene Macintosh Genealogy Software

Release 4.3.4

The most recent release of Gene is 4.3.4, released April 2001. New features in Gene 4.3.4 include improved tree layout, a new "Name Change" card type, source fields on many card types, better control of GEDCOM export for event cards, the ability to export subsets of the database, and a new command for finding stray cards; see the User Guide for details. Gene 4.3.4 also fixes several bugs in earlier versions.

Gene 4.3.4's file format is upward-compatible with all previous versions: Gene 4.3.4 can read older Gene files, but files using the new features of Gene 4.3.4 may not be readable in older versions of Gene.

Download Gene 4.3.4 (1 Mb)

Gene 4.3.4 requires a Macintosh running a Power PC processor, with at least 2Mb of free memory. If you have difficulty expanding the .hqx file above, please make sure you have a recent version of Stuffit Expander; the download requires Stuffit Expander 5.0 or later. The most recent version of Gene available for older 68000-based Macintoshes is 4.2.1.

Download Gene 4.2.1 for 68k-based Macs

If you discover a bug or other unexpected behavior in Gene, please tell us about it -- if we don't know about it we can't fix it. Send bug reports and suggestions by email to

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