Gene Macintosh Genealogy Software

"The look of this prodigiously likable little shareware item should be the envy of designers of more expensive software."
        -- David Pogue, MacWorld Magazine

Four mice!     -- MacUser Magazine

Gene is a shareware genealogy database for the Macintosh written by David and Diana Eppstein. You can use Gene to store family data and notes, draw and print family trees and pedigree charts, create web pages from your database, and exchange GEDCOM data with users of other genealogy programs. Gene is capable of handling complicated databases with thousands of names, multiple marriages and divorces, adoptions, illegitimate children, and intermarriage between relatives.

OS X NEWS: As of November 2003, coding is in progress on a rewrite of BibGene, a simpler bibliographic database that shares most of its code with Gene. Most of the back end database processing is in place, we have a tentative UI design, and front end implementation is beginning: everything on the File menu works (reading and writing multiple file formats including a new XML format and the old Classic format) but most other UI features are not yet implemented. It is looking likely that a preliminary version of BibGene will be ready for release by the end of the year. Gene will take some time longer than that, because it includes some more complex features (pictures and tree drawing) not used in BibGene. In the meantime, Gene still runs well under the Classic environment of OS X, but Gene and BibGene are the only classic programs I still use regularly so I am quite interested in getting them updated. Stay tuned...

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Downloadable software by David Eppstein, ICS, UC Irvine.
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