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Enz is a reaction wrapper used by kMech.

All enzymatic reactions implemented in kMech are invoked using the wrapper Enz around a reaction with canonical form

where the number of allowed substrates, products, and enzymes depend on the type of reaction and inhibition; a typical kMech call will look like

     Enz[arrow, reaction[rates], inhibition]

arrow is a reaction in the canonical form given above;

reaction is one of the kMech enzymatic reactions: BiBi, BiTer, BiUni, MulS, OrderedBiBi, OrderedBiUni, PingPong, PingPongTerTerF, PingPongTerTerR, RandomBiBi, TerBi, TerTer, UniBi, UniUni

rates is a sequence of rate constants appropriate to the particular reaction mechanism.

inhibition is a sequence of functions describing the type of competition and/or inhibition.

[31 Aug 2012]