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ICS-6A Winter 2004, Discrete Mathematics for Computer Science
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Course Reference


Dr. Rina Dechter, 424E Computer Science

Teaching Assistants

Chris Wesson ( cwesson@uci.edu )


Ming Bi ( mbi@ics.uci.edu )

Course Home Page


Office Hours

Proffesor Office Hours
Dr. Rina Dechter: CS 424E Tue. and Thurs. 01:00pm - 02:00pm, and by appointment.
Chris Wesson: ETC 116 Monday 2:00-3:00, Thursday 12:00-1:00, 116


Time: Tuesday & Thursday, 02:00am - 03:20pm
Location: ICS 180

Discussion Sections

Chris Wesson Mondays/wednesdays 3:00-3:50pm EIC 120


There is one required text for the course: Discrete Mathematics and its applications, Fifth Edition, by Kenneth H. Rosen (McGraw-Hill 1995).

Course Grades

There will be 8-9 homeworks and 7-8 quizzes. Most homeworks will be given on Tuesday and scheduled the following week. Quizzes will be given on Thursdays at the beginning of class. There will be one midterm and a final. The grading criteria for the course is:

  • Homework assignments 10%
  • Quizzes 40%
  • Midterm 15%
  • Final 35%
We will drop the two lowest quiz scores and the two lowest homework scores in determining your final grade.

Obtaining Assistance

The best way to get your questions answered is by coming to lecture, section or office hours and asking them there. In addition, you can send email to ics6a-questions-dechter@ics.uci.edu which will automatically forward the mail to the TAs and myself. It is generally preferable to use this email address instead of our personal addresses because you are likely to get an answer to your question faster if it is sent to the three of us. If you ask a question by email which requires a lengthy response, we are likely to ask you to come in to discuss the answer in person.


Class announcements will be made in lecture and in section. Important announcements will also be posted on the class web page. The web page will contain the most up-to-date course information. Any corrections or additional explanations for the homework assignments will also be posted there, so please check the web page occasionally to stay up to date.


The homework solutions and other handouts will be made available at the lecture or on the course webpage.

Homework And Quizes

On each Tuesday, a new homework assignment and the solution for the previous homework will be available after lecture. The new homework which is distributed in a given week will cover material covered in lecture that week and will be due the following Tuesday. This means that when you receive a new homework assignment, we will not have covered all of the material in lecture necessary to do the assignment, but will have covered everything by the end of Thursday's lecture. A quiz covering the same material will be given in class the following Thursday (two days, after handing out the solutions).

You should hand your homework in to class by 02:00 PM on Tuesday . Absolutely no homework assignments will be accepted after 02:00PM .

You can pick up your graded homeworks and quizes from the distribution center which is located in the ICS Trailers. The office hours for the distribution center are:

  • Monday and Wednesday 11:00 - 3:00, Tuesday, 10:00-1:00, and Thursday and Friday, 12:00 - 3:00
Each homework assignment and quiz will be available a week after it was handed in.

Questions On Grading

If you have a question on how any of your quizzes or homeworks were graded, talk to the TAs, grader, or me during office hours or after section.


You are allowed, and even encouraged, to discuss the solutions to the homework with your fellow classmates. However, you are required to sit down and write up your own solutions independently. In addition, you need to write down the names of any classmates with whom you have collaborated on a given assignment, clearly indicating that they are your collaborators. Copying the homework assignment of another student is considered cheating. Keep in mind that the homework contributes little to your final grade in comparison to the quizzes. Thus, it is very much in your own best interest to have a thorough understanding of the homework assignments before the quiz.

Academic Honesty

All work done on quizzes, midterms and finals should be your own work. Cheating on any kind of in class examination will be taken very seriously. Any such incident will result in a letter describing the incident which is placed in your file on campus. Depending on the severity of the incident, the resulting grade can range from an F on the particular examination to an automatic F in the course. Very severe incidents of academic dishonesty can result in suspension or expulsion from the university.