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ICS-275B Fall 2000, Network-Based Reasoning - Belief Networks

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Koller Handouts

Bucket Elimination: A Unifying Framework for Probabilistic Inference [ ps ] [ pdf ]

Transperencies from the Tuesday, Oct. 24th lecture. [ ps ] [ pdf ]

Belief Propagation In A Bucket-Tree [ ps ] [ pdf ]

Dechter, R., "Mini-Buckets: A General Scheme For Approximating Inference", An ICS Technical Report, October, 2000

Dechter, R., Smyth, P., "Processing Boolean Queries Over Belief Networks"An ICS Technical report. [ ps ] [ pdf ]

Kask, K., and Dechter, R., "Mini-Bucket Heuristics for Improved Search" In proceedings of "Uncertainty in AI", February, 1999. [ ps ] [ pdf ]

Rish, I., "Advances In Bayesian Learning" [ ps ] [ pdf ]

AAAI-98 Tutorial: Learning Bayesian Networks From Data

[R82] PostScript | PDF
Dechter, R., "A New Perspective on Algorithims for Optimizing Policies Under Uncertainty" In "AI and Planning" (AIPS2000) April, 2000. Technical Reports (AIPS-2000)".