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The program will feature three keynote talks and two tutorials.
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 Mon, June 20thTue, June 21stWed, June 22ndThu, June 23rdFri, June 24th
08:00 Registration Registration Registration Registration Registration
08:30 Opening
09:00 Doctoral
Symposium Session 1
Keynote 1 Keynote 2 Keynote 3 Workshops
10:00 Coffee Break Coffee Break Coffee Break
10:30 Coffee Break Session 1:
Stream Processing 1
Session 4:
Publish/Subscribe Systems
Session 7:
10:50 IoT Session Doctoral
Symposium Session 2
12:10 Lunch Lunch
12:20 Lunch Lunch
13:20 Session 2:
Stream Processing 2
Session 5:
Short Papers
Session 8:
13:30 Tutorial 2
Session 1
15:00 Coffee Break
15:10 Coffee break Coffee break
15:20 Coffee break
15:30 Tutorial 2
Session 2
15:40 Session 3:
Coffee Talk
Session 6:
Grand Challenge
Session 9:
17:00 DEBS 2017 address
17:10   Fast abstracts for Grand Challenge and Demo & Poster Track  
17:40 Reception
Demo / Posters
19:00   Banquet

Monday 20/06/16
08:00 - 09:00

09:00 - 10:30
Doctoral Symposium - Session 1 (Location: Room Newport)
Design and Development of High Performance, Scalable Content Based Publish Subscribe System
Medha Shah and D.B. Kulkarni
Dependable Distributed Content-Based Publish/Subscribe Systems
Pooya Salehi and Hans-Arno Jacobsen
Proactive scaling of distributed stream processing work flows using workload modelling
Thomas Cooper
Placement of Distributed Stream Processing over Heterogeneous Infrastructures
Matteo Nardelli
Automatic Learning of Predictive Rules for Complex Event Processing
Raef Mousheimish, Yehia Taher and Karine Zeitouni
Modeling and Recognition of Events from Multidimensional Data
Om Prasad Patri
10:30 - 10:50
Coffee break
10:50 - 12:20
Tutorials(Location: Room Balboa)
IoT Session: Internet of Things - Mulitple Perspectives
Nalini Venkatasubramanian, George C. Polyzos, and Matthias Weidlich
10:50 - 12:20
Doctoral Symposium - Session 2 (Location: Room Newport)
Adaptive Steering of Cyber-Physical Systems with Atomic Complex Event Processing Services
Julius Ollesch
A Policy-Based Coordination Architecture for Distributed Complex Event Processing in the Internet of Things
Jorge Fonseca and Carlos Ferraz
Internet of Events for Healthcare Data - Automating Computational Placement
Peter Michalák, Sarah Heaps, Michael Trenell and Paul Watson
Panel (11:35-12:15)
Avigdor Gal (Technion, Israel), Aniruddha Gokhale (Vanderbilt University, USA), Zbigniew Jerzak (SAP, Germany)
Closing remarks (12:15-12:20)
12:20 - 13:40
13:40 - 15:10
Tutorials (Location: Room Balboa)
Tutorial: Taming Velocity and Variety Simultaneously in Big Data with Stream Reasoning - Session 1
Emanuele Della Valle, Allesandro Margara and Danielle Dell'Aglio
15:10 - 15:30
Coffee break
15:30 - 17:00
Tutorials (Location: Room Balboa)
Tutorial: Taming Velocity and Variety Simultaneously in Big Data with Stream Reasoning - Session 2
Emanuele Della Valle, Allesandro Margara and Danielle Dell'Aglio

Tuesday 21/06/16
08:00 - 08:30

08:30 - 09:00

09:00 - 10:00

Keynote 1 (Location: Auditorium)
Topic: How Event-Based Systems Took Over the World 
Peter Pietzuch
10:00 - 10:30
Coffee break
10:30 - 12:10

Main Track - Session 1: Stream Processing 1 (Location: Auditorium)
Diversified Set Monitoring over Distributed Data Streams
Daichi Amagata and Takahiro Hara
Frames: Data-Driven Windows
Michael Grossniklaus, David Maier, James Miller, Sharmadha Moorthy and Kristin Tufte
Quality-Driven Disorder Handling for Concurrent Windowed Stream Queries with Shared Operators
Yuanzhen Ji, Anisoara Nica, Zbigniew Jerzak, Gregor Hackenbroich and Christof Fetzer
Enorm: Efficient Window-Based Computation in Large-Scale Distributed Stream Processing Systems
Kasper Grud Skat Madsen, Yongluan Zhou and Li Su
Load-Aware Shedding in Stream Processing Systems (short paper)
Nicolo Rivetti, Yann Busnel and Leonardo Querzoni
12:10 - 13:20
13:20 - 15:20

Main Track - Session 2: Stream Processing 2 (Location: Auditorium)
Living on the Edge – Stream Data Processing at Scale (invited talk)
Roger Barga
Spreadsheets for Stream Processing with Unbounded Windows and Partitions
Martin Hirzel, Rodric Rabbah, Philippe Suter, Olivier Tardieu and Mandana Vaziri
Optimal Operator Placement for Distributed Stream Processing Applications
Valeria Cardellini, Vincenzo Grassi, Francesco Lo Presti and Matteo Nardelli
Industry Paper: A Model Driven Approach for Event Processing Applications
Fabiana Fournier, Opher Etzion, Inna Skarbovsky and Barbara von Halle
15:20 - 15:40
Coffee break
15:40 - 17:10

Main Track - Session 3: Coffee Talk (Location: Auditorium)
From Events to Situations
Ramesh Jain and Opher Etzion

Ramesh's Abstract
With the growth in social media, Internet of things, wearable devices, mobile phones, and planetary- scale sensing there is an unprecedented need and opportunity to assimilate spatio-temporally distributed heterogeneous data streams into actionable information. Consequently the concepts like objects, scenes, and events, need to be extended to recognize situations (e.g. epidemics, traffic jams, seasons, terrorist attack). Situations are spatio-temporal aggregation of events.
Opher's Abstract
Current technology floods us with events, observations and notifications. In many cases we are not interested in single events but rather in a situations of interest (for example: not in a fact that a car is moving towards a certain direction but in the fact that there is going to be a traffic jam in the road at the time I am planned to be there). The way to get from events to situations is one of the bottlenecks of making the IoT a pervasive technology. In the talk I'll discuss why the problem to generate correct situations is harder than it seems, and point out some solution directions.
17:10 - 17:40
Fast abstracts for Grand Challenge and Demo & Poster Track (Location: Auditorium)

Poster: SPASS: Scalable Event Stream Processing Leveraging Sharing Opportunites
Medhabi Ray, Chuan Lei and Elke A. Rundensteiner
Demo: Complex Event Processing for the Non-Expert with autoCEP
Raef Mousheimish, Yehia Taher and Karine Zeitouni
Demo: Evolving Pub/Sub Subscriptions for Multiplayer Online Games
César Cañas, Kaiwen Zhang, Bettina Kemme, Jörg Kienzle and Hans-Arno Jacobsen
Demo: Complex Event Processing over Streaming Multi-cloud Platforms - The FERARI Approach
Ioannis Flouris, Vasiliki Manikaki, Nikos Giatrakos, Antonios Deligiannakis, Minos Garofalakis, Michael Mock, Sebastian Bothe,
Inna Skarbovsky, Fabiana Fournier, Marko Stajcer, Tomislav Krizan, Jonathan Yom-Tov and Marijo Volarevic
Demo: Enabling Semantic Access to Static and Streaming Distributed Data with Optique
Evgeny Kharlamov, Sebastian Brandt, Martin Giese, Ernesto Jimenez-Ruiz, Yannis Kotidis, Steffen Lamparter,Theofilos Mailis,
Christian Neuenstadt, Özgür Lütfü Özcep, Christoph Pinkel, Ahmet Soylu, Christoforos Svingos, Dmitriy Zheleznyakov, Ian Horrocks,
Yannis Ioannidis, Ralf Möller and Arild Waaler
Demo: The SABER System for Window-Based Hybrid Stream Processing with GPGPUs
Alexandros Koliousis, Matthias Weidlich, Raul Castro Fernandez, Alexander L. Wolf, Paolo Costa and Peter Pietzuch
Poster: Partial Pattern Fulfillment and its application in Event Processing
Suad Sejdovic
Poster: Multi-query Outlier Detection Over Data Streams
Lei Cao, Jiayuan Wang and Elke Rundensteiner
Demo: RxSpatial: A Framework for Real-Time Spatiotemporal Operations
Abdeltawab Hendawi, Mohamed Ali, Youying Shi, Hossam Fattah and Jumana Karwa
Poster: Distributed Streaming Reconstruction of Information Diffusion
Peter M. Fischer, Io Taxidou, Bernhard Lutz and Michael Huber
Demo: SnappyData: A Hybrid System for Transactions, Analytics and Streaming
Jags Ramnarayan, Sudhir Menon, Sumedh Wale and Hemant Bhanawat
Poster: Infusing Trust in Indoor Tracking
Ryan Rybarczyk, Rajeev Raje and Mihran Tuceryan
Grand Challenge: In-memory Indexation of Event Streams
Ahmad Hasan and Adrian Paschke
Grand Challenge: Dynamic Graph Management for Streaming Social Media Analytics
Christos Vlassopoulos, Ioannis Kontopoulos, Michail Apostolou, Alexander Artikis and Dimitrios Vogiatzis
Grand Challenge: Real-time Analysis of Social Networks Leveraging the Flink Framework
Giacomo Marciani, Marco Piu, Michele Porretta, Matteo Nardelli and Valeria Cardellini
Grand Challenge: Stateful Complex Event Detection on Event Streams using Parallelization of
Event Stream Aggregations and Detection Tasks
Saeed Fathollahzadeh, Kia Teymourian and Mohsen Sharifi
17:40 - 19:00

Reception and Posters/ Demos

Wednesday 22/06/16
08:00 - 09:00

09:00 - 10:00

Keynote 2 (Location: Auditorium)
Topic: TBA 
Raj Rajkumar
10:00 - 10:30
Coffee break
10:30 - 12:10

Main Track - Session 4: Publish/Subscribe Systems (Location: Auditorium)
Highly-available content-based publish/subscribe via gossiping
Pooya Salehi, Christoph Doblander and Hans-Arno Jacobsen
Industry Paper: Energy Efficient, Context-Aware Cache Coding for Mobile Information-Centric Networks
Joshua Joy, Mario Gerla, Yu-Ting Yu, Ashish Gehani, Hasnain Lakhani and Minyoung Kim
Shared Dictionary Compression in Publish/Subscribe Systems (short paper)
Christoph Doblander, Tanuj Ghinaiya, Hans-Arno Jacobsen and Kaiwen Zhang
Industry Paper: Benchmarking Integration Pattern Implementations
Daniel Ritter, Norman May, Kai Sachs and Stefanie Rinderle-Ma
12:20 - 13:20
13:20 - 15:10

Main Track - Session 5: Short Papers (Location: Auditorium)
From Trill to Quill: Pushing the Envelope of Functionality and Scale (invited talk)
Badrish Chandramouli
Bandwidth-Efficient Content-Based Routing on Software-Defined Networks (short paper)
Sukanya Bhowmik, Muhammad Adnan Tariq, Jonas Grunert and Kurt Rothermel
Routing and Scheduling of Spatio-Temporal Tasks for Optimizing Airborne Sensor System Utilization (short paper)
San Yeung, Sanjay Madria, Mark Linderman and Jim Milligan
Smooth and Crispy - Integrating Continuous Event Proximity Calculation and Discrete Event Detection
(short paper)
Stein Kristiansen, Thomas Plagemann and Vera Goebel
Distributed k-core Decomposition and Maintenance in Large Dynamic Graphs (short paper)
Sabeur Aridhi, Martin Brugnara, Alberto Montresor and Yannis Velegrakis
15:10 - 15:30
Coffee break
15:30 - 17:15

Main Track - Session 6: Grand Challenge (Location: Auditorium)
Grand Challenge: High Performance Top-k Processing of non-linear Windows over Data Streams
Abderrahmen Kammoun, Syed Gillani, Christophe Gravier and Julien Subercaze
Grand Challenge: Continuous Analytics on Graph Data Streams using WSO2 Complex Event Processor
Malith Jayasinghe, Anoukh Jayawardena, Bhagya Rupasinghe, Miyuru Dayarathna, Srinath Perera, Sriskandarajah Suhothayan
and Isuru Perera
Grand Challenge: GraphCEP - Real-time Data Analytics Using Parallel Complex Event and Graph Processing
Ruben Mayer, Christian Mayer, Muhammad Adnan Tariq and Kurt Rothermel
Grand Challenge: Monitoring Top-k on Real-time Dynamic Social-network Graphs
Kamalas Udomlamlert, Cosmas Krisna Adiputra and Takahiro Hara
Grand Challenge: Real-time Social Network Graph Analysis using StreamMine3G
André Martin, Andrey Brito and Christof Fetzer
Grand Challenge: Experience of Event Stream Processing for Top-k Queries and Dynamic Graphs
Joong-Hyun Choi, Kang-Woo Lee and Eun-Sun Cho


Thursday 23/06/16
08:00 - 09:00

09:00 - 10:00

Keynote 3 (Location: Auditorium)
Topic: Real Time Analytics - Why?, What? and How? 
Kartik Ramasamy
10:00 - 10:30
Coffee break
10:30 - 10:40
DEBS 2017 address (Location: Auditorium)
10:40 - 12:20

Main Track - Session 7: Analytics (Location: Auditorium)
AQuA: Adaptive Quality Analytics
Wei Zhang, Martin Hirzel and David Grove
Breaking BAD: A Data Serving Vision for Big Active Data (short paper)
Michael Carey, Steven Jacobs and Vassilis Tsotras
Reducing Expenses of Top-k Monitoring in Sensor Cloud Services
Kamalas Udomlamlert and Takahiro Hara
Industry Paper: Lessons Learned Using a Process Mining Approach to Analyze Events from Distributed Applications
Vinod Muthusamy, Aleksander Slominski, Vatche Ishakian, Rania Khalaf, Johnathan Reason and Szabolcs Rozsnyai
12:20 - 13:20
13:20 - 15:10

Main Track - Session 8: Graphs (Location: Auditorium)
Theory and Implementation of a Distributed Event Based Platform (invited talk)
K. Mani Chandy
Continuous Graph Pattern Matching over Knowledge Graph Streams
Syed Gillani, Gauthier Picard and Frédérique Laforest
CASQD: Continuous Analysis of Activity-based Subgraph Pattern Queries on Dynamic Graphs
Jayanta Mondal and Amol Deshpande
RFID-Based Logistics Monitoring with Semantics-Driven Event Processing (short paper)
Mikko Rinne, Monika Solanki and Esko Nuutila
15:10 - 15:40
Coffee break
15:40 - 17:30

Main Track - Session 9: Networks (Location: Auditorium)
Data-Centric Publish/Subscribe Routing Middleware for Realizing Proactive Overlay Software-Defined Networking
Akram Hakiri and Aniruddha Gokhale
Incremental Deployment and Migration of Geo-Distributed Situation Awareness Applications in the Fog
Enrique Saurez, Kirak Hong, Dave Lillethun, Beate Ottenwälder and Umakishore Ramachandran
OMen: Overlay Mending for Topic-based Publish/Subscribe Systems Under Churn
Chen Chen, Roman Vitenberg and Hans-Arno Jacobsen
Industry Paper: Proactive Disruption Management System: How not to be surprised by upcoming situations
Suad Sejdovic, Yvonne Hegenbarth, Gerald H. Ristow and Roland Schmidt

Friday 24/06/16
08:00 - 09:00

09:00 - 17:00
Workshops: Details can be found at the