The Miller Family; Broken Miller Branches


The following is a list of Miller branches, and in some cases, just leaves, that have fallen from our tree. They are known to be related, but in most cases, the exact connection is no longer known.

  1. Korotichi, Belarus Müller's
  2. Meller's from South America
  3. Pesach Dovid Friedman, from Bardejov
  4. Mueller's from Strzyzow & Lezajsk, Galicia
  5. Kahan from Sighet
  6. Family in Lvov (Lemberg), Galicia
  7. Brand Family
  8. Izak Leib Muller of Ganichi, Rumania
  9. Other members of the Shabsi Miller family
  10. Miller's & Greenberg's from Lebeach, Galicia
  11. Tziporah Miller
  12. Two Other Pesach Dovid's
  13. One Pesach Dovid not in our tree
  14. Miller - Keller - Rebhun connection from Nowy Sacz area

• A Miller branch is from Belarus.
Samuel Müller was born in Korotichi, Belarus, on March 23, 1897. Korotichi was a very small town. It is 101 kilometers East of Pinsk. He married Chaya Weinreb, of Erfurt, Germany. They lived in Cologne, Germany, where they raised a family. They were last known to have been in Gorlice, Poland, during the war. They never returned. Chaskel Stengal gave me their pictures. He took the pictures from the police station in Gorlice, right after the war. I have written to Korotichi and Cologne. The officials at Cologne said there were no records of the Müller's. The Korotichi archives are in Minsk. They wanted an awful lot of money, just to see if they had any records from 1897. I have not pursued this further at this time.

• According to some family members, Avrohm Abba Miller maintained that the famous cardiologist, Jose Meller, was related to us. I went to visit Dr. Meller in the summer of 1994. He was kind enough to see me in his office. He related that his family was from Zebrecen, Galicia. His father, Tzvi Elimelech (a common name in our family), was born in 1905, and married Matil Bok. His parents were Pinchus & Rose. The majority of the family currently resides in Santiago, Chile. Dr. Meller has a nephew there, Alan, who did some work on a family tree. I have not been able to solicit a response from him.

2018 Update: a new researcher, Ariel Kornblit, emailed to me some new detail, alomg with a family tree.

Subject:	Re: Langsam Website: Meller genealogy
From:	Ariel Kornblit 
Date:	Tue, Aug 07, 2018 2:52 pm

Keep in mind that this is one person's translation:

Record #24
It happened in the town Szczebrzeszyn on August 18th, 1890 at 5 o'clock in the afternoon.
Appeared in person Hersz Cimerman [Cymerman/Zimmermann], clergyman residing in the town 
Szczebrzeszyn, together with Pinkwas Meler, bachelor, 18 years old, son of Gerszko and 
Dyna née Erlich [Ehrlich], the spouses Meler, both alive, born and living with his parents,
merchants, in the town Szczebrzeszyn, and the maiden Cypra Erlich, 20 years old, daughter
of Gerszon and Szandla [maiden name not provided], the spouses Erlich, born and living
with her parents, merchants, in the town Szczebrzeszyn, and —in the presence of the
witnesses Izrael Tofil, 57 years old, and Nuchim Tuchsznajder, 48 years old, synagogue
sextons residing in the town Szczebrzeszyn— he declared that he, in his capacity as clergyman,
performed today a religions wedding ceremony between Pinkwas Meler, bachelor, and the maiden
Cypra Erlich.

This marriage was preceded by three announcements of the banns published in the Jewish synagogue
of Szczebrzeszyn on August 4th, 11th, and 18th of the current year. The permission [to get married]
was given in oral form by the newlyweds' respective parents who personally attended the wedding act.
The newlyweds stated that no prenuptial agreement has been contracted between them. After having
been read aloud this document was signed by Us and by the people present. 

The newlyweds are illiterate. 

Clergyman Hersz Cimerman
Witnesses: Izrael Tofil, Nusim Tuchsznajder [signed in Yiddish]
Keeper of the Civil registry, mayor
Lieutenant-colonel [Golyszyn?]

•Pesach Dovid is a unique name, particular to the Miller family. The bearers of the name all have the namesake of Pesach Dovid Miller. In addition, a large part of the family lived in Saros county, in the Bardejov region. In the 1942 deportation records for Bardejov, there is a Pesach Dovid Friedman listed. These are the particulars I could piece together: Jozef Friedman, born 1866, of Bardejov, married Betty Hollander/Holender (born Sept 7, 1873 or Jun 20, 1875) of Zborov. They had several children. One of them, Pesach Dovid, was born Oct. 12, 1902, in Bardejov. He married Sarolta/Sara Beinhorn (b. Mar. 28, 1905) of Mukachevo. They had a son, Otto Aser Friedman (b. Sept. 16, 1933) in Kosice. He is living somewhere in the Boston area but I have not been able to locate him. Pesach Dovid did have a living brother, Samuel, who was not able to shed any light on his grandparents. A cursory check of the Bardejov records from 1852-1895, held by the Mormon Family History Center, did not reveal any more information.

•I came to this tree through a few different branches that turned out to be part of an entire tree. There are some conflicting opinions in the various branches of this family regarding the big picture, so I will try to stay clear of them. Here are the facts: Yitzchok married Chaya Tzivya, and in 1830, in Strzyzow, they had Shabsi. He married Frimit Licht, in Lezajsk, where they had 6 children. In age order, they are: Moshe (b. 1860), Mali, Yosef, Sara, Freida, & Dovid (b. 1875). Mali, Shabsi's second child, was married (to a cousin, another [Shabsi?] Miller?). They had Chaim Yitzchok, in the 1870's, and several other children. Most of Mali's family died in a plague, in the early 1900's, in Lezajsk. In 1914, due to problems with the Russians, Shabsi returned home, to Strzyzow. He died there, at the age of 84, on the second day of Rosh Hashana, 1914. Several descendants of this family remember that they had cousins that are already in our tree, making them definitely part of the big picture. It is possible that Chaya Tzivya, not her husband Yitzchok, was the Miller.
Here is an email collection from one of the family members.

Shabsi Yitzchok Miller of Bukowsko had a daughter, Bayla Chaya, who married Hersh Kahan. They lived in Sighet, Rumania, where they had many children. I have not been able to locate any living survivors of this family, although I have found a lot of information. It seems that Hersh may have died before 1926. One of their daughters, Nissel (Nellie; June 29, 1901 - August 30, 1990 [Hallandale, FL]), came to NYC on August 17, 1926. On the ship (SS Maurentania) manifest she lists her mother's (Bayla Chaya) address as Sighatul Mantati Ilic Mares 24. Nellie married Julius Harnik in 1938. They lived in the Bronx and later (1963?) moved to Florida. They did not have children, but she did have a brother that lived in Zichron Yakov, Israel, named Shabsi Kahane. He has a living son, named Tzvi. His whereabouts are unknown. Nellie also had a niece from a sister, named Esther, somewhere in Haifa, Israel, and a nephew somewhere in Long Island, NY. In September 1997 I received a response from my inquiry to the Search Bureau for Missing Relatives in Israel. They told me of Bluma Zipkin, living in Tel-Aviv at 5 Kehilat Sofia Street. She is a daughter of Shabtaj Kohen and sister to Zwi. Although I dialed the phone number supplied for her many times, no one has ever picked up.
If anybody could flesh out this part of the tree, please contact me.

•There was a Raab/Miller family in Lemburg (Lvov). One member was named Pesach Dovid and was a rabbi. This family was presumed perished in the Holocaust.

•Meshulom Zeesa Susholz, a flour merchant, was married to Bayla Chaya (a very common name in the Shabsi Yitzchok branch of the family) Brand. They had several children, including Esther, Yocheved, Itcha, and Pinchus Zev (b. 1901). One of the children married a Miller. Pinchus Zev married Roiza Amkraut, and lived in Kermanch (Komancza?), a dorf near Sanok, Galicia. They had 3 children, who currently reside in Brooklyn, NY. The rest of this family was presumed perished in the Holocaust. Pinchus Zev's children remember Baila Horowitz as their cousin. I spoke with her son, R. Sholom, who told me that they are definitely related through the Miller side, although he no longer remembers how. He said his mother did know how.
I did find a Matilda Brand, of Pittsburgh, PA, who was from a family with an aunt, Brand, married to a Susholz, from the Sanok region. She said she was currently overwhelmed with her own research to be of much help to me. This was in February 1995. I forwarded copies of her letter to Pinchus Zev's children, but I have not heard from anybody since then.

•Izak Leib Muller, born around 1850, was married to Esther Yenta and they lived in Ganichi, Rumania. They had 6 children: Yosef, Moshe, Avrohm Hersh, Volf, Rochel, and Faiga. Izak Leib's father may have been either Moshe or Shlomo. Moshe has a son, Mendel Volf, who lived in Nyirbator, Hungary. He remembers my great-grandfather, Pesach Dovid Miller. He knew that they were somehow cousins, but he does not know how.
I have been in contact with Dr. Ladislau Gyemant, a very talented researcher, in Rumania. He was able to locate records regarding Izak Leib's children, but so far, nothing regarding Izak Leib's ancestry has turned up.

Other members of the Shabsi Miller family
Shabsi Miller had many children. One of them may have been a daughter, married to an Unger. This family owned a bakery and lived in Cleveland in the 1960 time period. Sheppi Reiss, son of Chezkel Shrage, remembers them from when he was learning in the Telshe Yeshiva. Although I found Unger bakers in the area, they deny being part of this family.
Another lost link is the Geneevish family. One man was known to have survived the Holocaust and was living in Brooklyn. I have not found anybody that can supply more information.
In Feb 2022, I discovered two interesting recordsets.
1. Fajban Gniewisch, born 1899 in Obrucno, Slovakia, a town of origin for Shabsi Miller, who arrived 27 May 1931 on the SS Bremen at port of New York. He lists his father, Meilech Gniewisch, as the person in Europe and his wife Ruth (Hochauser) as the person in the USA. Ruth was from Muszyana and Krynica. Fajban was Phillip Gniwischon his Petition for Naturalization on 7 Mar 1932 at the NY Eastern District Court under petiton # 230170. His daughter is also listed, Hanah, born 1932. The 1940 census shows them living at South 9th Street in Brooklyn with two more children, Harriet and Elmer. His father-in-law, Nachum Hochhauser,age 65, was also living with them.
2. An index entry at JewishGen for the 1934 marriage in Dabrowa Tarnowska of Naftali Chaim Ungar and Chane Blum. His birthdate is 6-Jul-1907 to parents Markus Dawid Ungar and Tauba Hendel Gniwisch. Naftali Chaim's residence was listed as Klodne/Tylmanowa.

•I spoke with one of Zeesha Greenberg's sons, in July of 1996. He told me the following narrative: His great-grandfather (Meshulam?) Zeesha, died between 1905 & 1911. He came to US once and went right back to Lebeach, Galicia (near Rava-Russkaya, in the Belze gaygen). He married Chaya Serel Meiller. Zeesha's father's name is written down in a book, but the family can not find it.
Zeesha and Chaya Serel had a daughter, Mirel Nesha Miller, married to Leib Greenberg. His death certificate states his mother's maiden name as Faiga Miller. Mirel Nesha died 1944, in her 60's, in the US. She is buried in Bais Moshe Cemetery, in Long Island, NY. She had a lot of brothers and sisters. Almost all her brothers perished in the Holocaust (1 was named Yankel Shmerel). Some sisters survived, 1 in CA , 1 in TN. Also, 1 brother in the US, Asher - died in US, had 1 son, possibly named Zeesha Miller. They were all related to the Miller's from Nowy Sacz, and knew Akiva Miller. I spoke to Akiva, but he no longer knew the connection.
Mirel Nesha and Leib had about 10 children. 2 survived the Holocaust; Pesach & Zeesha. Zeesha's son, Meyer, had a son born and wanted to name him after his uncle, Pesach. He asked his rebbe, who said to add a name because the uncle died before reaching 60. Meyer knew he had a zeide, Asher. Meyer had an aunt over 90 (Pesach's wife, Surtcha). She said Asher was a chushuva (important) man, from a brother of the Bnei Yissochur. She said that she and Pesach were cousins from before marriage. This was told over by Chaim Dovid, her (Surtcha's) son. A tree follows.

Zeesha + Chaya Serel         Feige Miller + Yechiel Mechel Greenberg
       |                        |
       |                        |
   Mirel Neshe Meiller + Leib Greenberg, Asher, Yeedis, Tillie, Shifra (2d's, 1s: 1 d. has kids), Yankel Shmerel, Avrohm?, girl
                       |  (d. 1 tamuz, 1928, age 49-51,
                       |   of Lebeach, in Har Tzion Cemetery,
                       |   Williamsburg, Rava Russkaya society,
                       |   with his b-in-law, Usher Miller)
                   Pesach + Sara Langsam, Zeesha + Zelda Lind, + about 8 others that died young
               (1901-1955) (1892?-1987?)  (1911-1996)
                                            Miriam Shifra Fortgang
                                            Mirel Nesha Floor,
                                            Yankel Shmerel, 
The Beigeleisen family is also from Lebeach. I checked with some of them, but was not able to resolve any of the issues.

•Before her passing, I spoke with Feigy Miller, the widow of Avrohm Abba Miller. She showed me his phone book. In it was listed a Sally (Sarah) Weiss. Next to her entry was written Abba's cousin. I called Mrs. Weiss on September 5, 1993. She told me that her mother's name was Sala (Tziporah). Sala's parents were Millers living in Poland. Mrs. Weiss said she was named after her grandmother, Sala's mother. I spoke with her again on January 1, 1997. She supplied the following information. Yussel (she thinks this was his name) married Sarah. They lived in Czarny Dunajec, Galicia, and they had five children; 2 boys (Dovid & another) and 3 girls (Leah, Chaya, & Sela). Leah married a Kalfus and lived somewhere in Czechoslovakia. Chaya married a Stern and lived in Czarny Dunajec. Sally's mother, Sela (Faiga), as she called her this time, was the youngest, born around 1900, married to Chezkel Timberg, of Jaworzno (50 km WNW of Krakow), Galicia. They had 3 children, Dov, Sally (Sarah), & Chaim. All the families, except for Sally, and a son of Dovid's, named Chaim Miller, perished in the Holocaust. Sally & her cousin Chaim, moved to Israel. Sally lives in Brooklyn now. Chaim Miller lived in Ramat Gan, Israel. He passed away, but is survived by a wife and 2 children.

Date: Tue, 22 Feb 2000 21:37:28 +0200 (IST)
From: gershon lehrer <>
Subject: Lehrer

Dear Mr. Langsam,
I am Gershon Lehrer ,live in Antwerp,Belgium and study in Israel.

I am being told (by Mr. Louis Schonfeld) of the existence of a discussion
group for people who research after descendants of the Bnay Yissachar
Zatsa"l.Could you please give me more information on the purpose of the
discussion group.

I am a grandson of the grandson of Yitschak Kallech who was a
grandson of Yaakov Uri who was a grandson of the Bnay
Yissachar Zatsa"l. 

By the way,I saw on your site that the name  Avrohm Abba Miller is being
mentioned. I am from my mother's site a descendant of Timberg whose family
originally comes from Krakow,Poland and lived afterwards in the
Netherlands/Belgium. In the Timberg family you find a few Abraham Abba's.
May be the name comes originally from the same roots as the name of
Avrohm Abba Miller comes?

With Friendly Regards,

Gershon Lehrer,
Machon Lev,
Erets Israel
Date: Wed, 23 Feb 2000 23:53:24 -0500
To: gershon lehrer 
From: "" 
Subject: Re: Lehrer

Thanks for your inquiry. We do not have a formal discussion group, although I do maintain a website on the 
Pesach Langsam family, from whom I descend, through his oldest child, Avrohm Abba Miller (he took a different
surname). One of Avrohm Abba's brothers was R' Hersh Mylech Spira, the famed "Bnei Yissochur".  You can view 
some of the detail I have accumulated in my website at:
On the Timberg side, perhaps you can further identify a branch I have that I can not properly connect to the 
tree. The detail can be found within the site at:
but it states:
"Before her passing, I spoke with Feigy Miller, the widow of Avrohm Abba Miller. She
 showed me his phone book. In it was listed a Sally (Sarah) Weiss. Next to her entry was
 written Abba's cousin. I called Mrs. Weiss on September 5, 1993. She told me that her mother's
 name was Sala (Tziporah). Sala's parents were Millers living in Poland. Mrs. Weiss said she was
 named after her grandmother, Sala's mother. I spoke with her again on January 1, 1997. She
 supplied the following information. Yussel (she thinks this was his name) married Sarah. They lived
 in Czarny Dunajec, Galicia, and they had five children; 2 boys (Dovid & another) and 3 girls (Leah,
 Chaya, & Sela). Leah married a Kalfus and lived somewhere in Czechoslovakia. Chaya married a
 Stern and lived in Czarny Dunajec. Sally's mother, Sela (Faiga), as she called her this time, was the
 youngest, born around 1900, married to Chezkel Timberg, of Jaworzno (50 km WNW of
 Krakow), Galicia. They had 3 children, Dov, Sally (Sarah), & Chaim. All the families, except for
 Sally, and a son of Dovid's, named Chaim Miller, perished in the Holocaust. Sally & her cousin
 Chaim, moved to Israel. Sally lives in Brooklyn now. Chaim Miller lived in Ramat Gan, Israel. He
 passed away, but is survived by a wife and 2 children. "

Regarding the Kallech branch, please see:

Could you perhaps supply me with more info on your family?
-Moishe Miller
Date: Sun, 27 Feb 2000 19:13:35 +0200 (IST)
From: Gershon Lehrer 
To: "" 
Subject: Re: Lehrer

Here are the answers.


Gershon Lehrer,
JCT-Machon Lev,
Erets Israel.

On Sat, 26 Feb 2000, wrote:

> Hi,
> 1. No email that I know of. Tzipora and Faiga are basically the same name,
> just Yiddish for Hebrew.

I meant the email from Wed,23 February, 2000 where you included an
       article from webpage

> 2. Can you tell me more about your Avrohm Aba?
My maternal grandfather (Packter) was a son of Lea Packter.Lea 
      Packter's maidenname was Timberg.Her father was Shmuel Timberg.His
      father was Avrohm Abbe Timberg.I don't know a lot about the
      Timbergs but I know that they used to live in Belgium/The
      Netherlands.The Timberg's originally lived in Krakow,Poland.I think
      that it was a big family. 

> 3. Also, saw the website and guess your parents are
> Claude Klonimus Kalmen Lehrer. Born: 5/08/1951 in Antwerpen, Belgium.
>         City: Antwerpen, Belgium.
>       + Ruth Packter.  Born: 26/03/1954 in Enschede, Holland.


> 4. Can you lay out your exact descent (lineage) from Yitzchok Kallech?

My paternal grandfather was Yissachar Beirish Lehrer z"l.His father
     was Gershon Lehrer z'l. (I am named after him.) His father was
     Yitschok Kallech z"l. He maried Itta (Itte) Lehrer.Thus my family
     name comes from her.
     (The rest you probably know ;
     The father of Yitschok Kallech was Shmuel Zenvil Kallech and his
     mother was Frida.The father of Frida was Rav Yakov Yentshi Ori and
     her mother was Lea Schonfeld (or may be Scheinfeld ?).The father of
     Lea was Moshe Schonfeld.Her mother was Soroh a daughter of the Bnei
     Yissachar Zatsa"l.)


On 22 Jan 2022, Eileen Comens of Plainview, New York reached out to me via my father's
DNA kit on 23andMe. Eileen wrote:
Hello Robert
My name is Eileen , was wondering if we could figure out how our ancestry is connected!

I responded:
Hi, it is Moishe Miller, I manage my father's kit. What can you share about your ancestry? I you are his 3rd cousin, you need to know which of your 8 of your g-gp's was a sibling to his g-gp. Where do your  ancestors come from? Do you have a tree anywhere?
I see Timberg in your list. Does this line up with any of your family: "Sela (Faiga), was the youngest of her family, born around 1900, married to Chezkel Timberg, of Jaworzno (50 km WNW of Krakow), Galicia. They had 3 children, Dov, Sally (Sarah), & Chaim."

Eileen responded:
Hello Robert, My mother is Sally. Her brothers were Dov and Chaim. Her mother and father ( my grandparents ) were Chezkel and Faiga Timberg. How are you related ?

I responded:
Scroll up, I am Moishe, not Robert. I believe we share Tylicz, Galicia ancestry on the Miller line. Can we email? I am
I looked in YadVashem and found reference to the family and constructed this tree:

Yussel                    +   Sarah
Miller                    | 
Czarny Dunajec, Galicia   |
Dovid         Zalman         Leah     +  boy                        Chaya  +  Szulem            Sela (Faiga)  +  Chezkel
Miller        Miller        Miller    | Kalfus                      Miller   Stern             Miller        |  Timberg
                           (c1889-1945) Podolínec, Slovakia         Czarny Dunajec            (c1900-)       |  of Jaworzno
                             POT      |                                                                      |
                                      |                                                                      |
                                     Chaim      + girl                                        |---------|----/\------------------|
                                   (survivor)   |                                            Dov       Sally (Sarah) +   boy    Chaim
                                    Ramat Gan   |                                                     Timberg        |  Weiss
                                             2 children                                                              |


•Chaim Miller, the son of Pinya, told me of two Pesach Dovid inscriptions that he stumbled across. The first was a matzayva (tombstone) for Pesach Dovid Kalmanovich at the cemetery in Hertzelia, Israel. I tried several times to contact the caretakers but was not successful. Chaim also told me of seeing a dedication plaque on a menorah in the Noveminsk synagogue in Boro Park (Brooklyn), NY. On it was the inscription (in Hebrew) In memory of Blima Pessil Kroen, daughter of Pesach Dovid.

•Chaim Miller, the son of Ruth Kraut (daughter of Florence Reiss Kraut, granddaughter of Manny [Menachem Mendel] Reiss, and great-granddaughter of Chaim Reiss) wrote to me on 1/8/98. She said the following:

Recently, I was at Klezkamp (that is a camp of Yiddish music
and culture) and there was a musician there named Perry
Sokolow.  Anyway, he was wearing a kippah that said "Pesach
Dovid" so based on what you said on the web site and went up to
him and asked if maybe we were related.  He said that a man
named "Pesach Dovid Miller" had once asked him the same
question (is this your brother? or cousin?) and that he was
born on Pesach and his mother liked the name Dovid, so no there
was no relationship.

• These are the two letters I received from Zviya Parnes:

Subject:  REBHUN
DeliveredDate:  01/23/99 10:16:36 AM

Dear Mr. Miller.
By searching through the Internet ( I found out that
you have a REBHUN connection.

My father's name is Moshe Aharon REBHUN born: 8/4/1919 in Nowy Sacz,
POLAND. His parents names are:-
-father Chune KELLER (REBHUN)
-mother Baile Dvora Wagschal.

From about 1920/1 they lived in Krakow, POLAND

Do you have any info regarding this REBHUN family and its roots.

Thank you very much
Zviya  PARNES (nee REBHUN)
3 Tamar Str. Haifa 34325, ISRAEL
+972-4-838.2941       or

Subject:  Rebhun family
DeliveredDate:  07/21/99 12:17:13 PM

Moishe Miller
Sorry for not answering till now.
I know very little about my father's family. My father is 80 years old and 
does not remember many things, his brother, who still alive is even older.
My father is Moshe Aharon Rebhun, he was born on 4.8.1919 in Nowy Sacz, 
Poland.They moved to Krakow at about 1920.
His father name was Chune Keller. Latter the last name of Chune's children 
was chanced to Wagschal, my father's mother maiden name. According to my 
father the name was chanced because his parents were married only by 
Jewish marriage. Latter on the last name was chanced to Rebhun, supposedly 
the last name of Chune Keller mother.
I do not know any further details about Chune Keller, not his parents 
names and not if he had brothers or sisters.

Attached hereinbelow please find some data from the Family Tree.

Best Regards. Should I find more info I shall certainly transfer this to 
you. Please do same to me.
Zviya Parnes (Rebhun).

Descendants of Chune (Rabbi Chanan) KELLER

Generation No. 1

1.  Chune (Rabbi Chanan)2 KELLER  (KELLER-REBHUN1)1 my father told me that 
he was born in Mielec, POLAND according to my uncle Yitzchak (Iczek) Meir 
REBHUN he was born in Brzesko.  He married Beila Dvora WAGSCHAL, daughter 
of Chief Rabbi WAGSCHAL.

Chune, Beile and Taube were shot by the Germans.
It might be that Dvora Beila Wagschal is one of the daughters of Israel 
Wagschal from Frysztak, Krosno, Lwow. Hence Itzchak Wagschal who served 
there as Av Beit Din at the beginning of the 19th century, than his son 
Yechiel Wagschal (1821-1883) Ch. Rabbi, his son Israel Wagschal. See Sefer 
Hakehilot Polin Vol. 3 page 296.

Children of Chune KELLER and Beila WAGSCHAL are:
+	2	i.	Israel3 REBHUN, born January 1907.
	3	ii.	Naftali REBHUN, born 1909 in Nowy Sacz, 
POLAND; died Abt. 1940 in Killed 1941 in Don-Bas, RUSIA.  He married 
Gizela (Giza) ERENHALT.

More About Naftali REBHUN:
Occupation: M.Dr.

	4	iii.	Shlomo (Salomon) REBHUN, born 1 September 
1911 in Nowy Sacz, POLAND; died 18 December 1995 in Haifa, ISRAEL.  He 
married Sofia (Zochiya) GREENBERG 15 June 1947 in Krakow, POLAND.
	5	iv.	Abraham REBHUN, born 1 January 1913 in Nowy 
Sacz, POLAND; deported from Paris, died 17 February 1942 in KZ, Auschwitz, 
POLAND.  He married Mrs. Abraham REBHUN (have no first and maiden names) 
in Paris, FRANCE.

More About Abraham REBHUN:
Cause of Death: WW-2
Occupation: Electrical Engineer

More About Mrs. Abraham REBHUN:
Occupation: M.Dr in Dentistry

	6	v.	Taube Yona REBHUN, born 1916 in Nowy Sacz, 
POLAND; died Abt. 1940 in Gesko Nowa near Krakow during WW-2.

More About Taube Yona REBHUN:
Cause of Death: WW-2

+	7	vi.	Yitzchak (Iczek) Meir REBHUN, born 5 August 
1917 in Nowy Sacz, POLAND.
+	8	vii.	Moshe Aharon REBHUN, born 8 April 1919 in 
Nowy Sacz, POLAND.

This is a letter I received from Joseph Rebhun:
Subject:  Josef Chaim Rebhun in Mielec
DeliveredDate:  07/04/99 04:24:14 PM

Dear Mr. Miller,
My name is the same as the subject's and I am his grandson. Through him or
through his wife (?) Czarna I am probably related to rabbi Elimelech from
Lezjansk. Do you know anything about this? How are you related to the 
I am from Przemysl, Poland. I would appreciate a speedy reply. Please 
your answer to
This letter comes to you from the address of a friend, but
please answer to my own address.
Thank you very much,
Joseph Rebhun

This is a letter I received from Linda-Anne Rebhun:

Subject:  Rebhun family name
DeliveredDate:  08/27/99 08:01:41 PM

Hi Mr. Miller

I found your website by putting my surname on a search engine.  I don't
know anything about the Millers, but my grandfather Samuel Rebhun was from
Galicia.  Could he have been a relative of the Rebhuns in your family tree?

Linda-Anne Rebhun

Linda-Anne Rebhun
Dept. of Anthropology
P.O. Box 208277
New Haven, CT 06520-8277
(203) 432-3675
FAX (203) 432-3669

This is a letter I received from Prof. Dan Hirschberg:

Subject:  REBHUN
DeliveredDate:  03/07/99 06:38:05 PM

> All 3 please.

Will do so.  I expect to put them in the mail Monday afternoon.

In looking at the JewishGen Family Finder, I noticed that
you have research interest in REBHUN.

My understanding is that Benjamin STERN
(father of Moses STERN, who was my mother's father)
had a sister, Malka STERN, who was married to a REBHUN.
Malka had children Yankl (who married Lola)
and another son (who married Ruth).
Ruth had a couple of daughters: Rachel (who married TAUBER)
and Esther (who married BRAUNSTEIN),
both of whom lived in Brooklyn as of 10 years ago.

Any additional information that you might have about the REBHUN
family tree would be most welcome.  It would be wonderful if
there was overlap between the REBHUNs that I know about and
those of whom you have knowledge.


Date: Mon, 17 Jan 2000 00:22:30 EST 
Subject: REBHUN/REBHUHN Family 
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Sorry it has taken me so long to respond to you. 

I looked at your website and forwarded the info to my cousin who was born in 
Przemysl.  He reviewed the names and doesn't recognize any of them but the 
towns were very close.

I am meeting with another cousin, Albert Rebhun also of Los Angeles this 
weekend.  I will show him the info also and see if he recongnizes any 

Do you know about the Rebhun/Rebhan family book self-published about 20 years 
ago in Georgia?  I have seen a few pages of it and somehow must be related.  
I was told all REBHUN'S are related.

My grandfather, Irving Rebhun came from Rozwadow and Tarnow Poland.  He came 
to New York in 1926.  I think his brother Efraim survived but haven't 
researched that yet.

Please be in contact.

By the way, where do you live?

Indy Rebhun Spector
Thousand Oaks, CA 

Date: Mon, 17 Jan 2000 00:24:28 EST 
Subject: Family Connection 
X-Mailer: Windows AOL sub 45 

By the way, I am also related to the Halberstam family.  I know a branch 
survived the war and live in Paris.

Do you know anything about this family?

Indy Rebhun Spector 

I would be very interested to hear from anyone with knowledge or an interest in the Miller family.

Moishe Miller

My home address is
           1374 East 28th Street
           Brooklyn NY 11210-5311

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