Cloud Computing is being increasingly adopted into several Business, Industry and Enterprise applications, ensuring economic and agility benefits. While the Cloud seems to be a disruptive technology, it is still a long way to go to completely materialize the Cloud. While the Cloud is getting embraced widely, dependability on the Cloud is yet to mature. C4BIE(Cloud for Business, Industry and Enterprises) workshop intends to gather the best minds of the field, including researchers as well as practitioners, to discuss and visualize a way ahead for the Cloud towards making sense for Business, Industry and Enterprises.
The current workshop seeks original unpublished contributions from potential Authors, Professionals, Practitioners and Researchers in the area of Cloud computing. Work MUST show a current or future benefit for Business/Industry/Enterprise. The workshop is open to all members of the Cloud Computing community.


Social Networking has profoundly affected the way that people communicate and interact. Websites such as Facebook, Xing and LinkedIn enable us to interact digitally, and as such electronic relationships are quickly beginning to become as important as their real world counterparts. The app and as-a-service phenomena are only just beginning to embrace and exploit the fabrics of digital relationships, a means that has been used in advertising now for some time. The social science and information science domains also have a keen interest in social networking and in ad hoc sharing, and it is useful to extend this multidisciplinary intersection to consider the networks of people, shared artefacts and services that are seen in e-Science applications. The social science studies of these applications, as well as the use of a cloud and services approach to conduct social science studies, are important examples of "e-Social Science".
The adoption of Social Networking constructs for new forms of digital collaboration is a new and exciting domain, which as yet has no single stream-lined community. Typically, workshops with the theme of social networks are orientated towards the theoretical aspects of social networks, for example how they are built, mined, modelled, visualised, how social graphs are traversed, privacy issues, supporting infrastructure etc. Instead, this workshop is aimed at bringing together novel research that is focused on the emerging area of how social networks can be used and harnessed in and with the domains of cluster, grid and cloud computing as well as for services computing. This workshop is focused on, but not limited to, the application of social networking models in distributed services and content, the use of cluster, cloud, grid or services computing in the creation of social networks and their applications, and the development and use of distributed computing models within social networks.


Advances in processing, communication and systems/middleware technologies are leading to new paradigms and platforms for computing, ranging from Private Clouds, to Public Clouds, to Grids. The programming models which are used for Grids, are not well implemented on Clouds, and the modes of use for Clouds, are not well suited for Grids. Although there is some Federation and Interoperability in the Grid community, these have yet to widely emerge in the Cloud Computing space. Some point to point application or gateway specific Private to Public cloud connectivity schemes has emerged. Public Cloud operators are beginning to develop some general purpose, multi-cloud interoperability, known as Intercloud.


Please send your proposals to both workshop chairs.
Bruno Schulze (, LNCC, Brazil
Omer Rana (, Welsh eScience Center and Cardiff University, UK