Computer and Systems Security

CS 205 - Spring 2023

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Paper Response Guidelines

Write a ~400 word critical response and comments to each required paper. Focus on the following:

  1. State the problem that they try to solve and the main contributions.
  2. Describe the key insight or novelty of their proposed work or approach.
  3. What are the weakness/limitations of the paper? Write the criticisms.
  4. Any improvements or related ideas that you can suggest?

Your most important task is to demonstrate that you've read the paper and thought carefully about the topic. No copy and paste of the original paper text!

Paper responses are due before the start of class via Canvas Assignments.

Discussion Lead and Bonus

Please take a look at the papers in each session. If you are interested in leading the discussion of any session, you should sign up on the sign-up sheet in Canvas and get a bonus for waiving 4 paper summaries.
As a discussion lead, two tasks are expected: 1) You will provide a 20-min presentation of the paper that will be discussed in class with slides. 2) You should prepare yourself by reading the technical details carefully and coming up with a list of discussion points. The discussion points should be designed to engage students in critical and creative thinking. Think about the points ahead of time and be prepared to answer questions other students may throw at you.
Send ahead of time your discussion points to me on Canvas and get feedback from me. Please allow 2 days to receive the feedback. This will be a good opportunity for you to learn to discuss ideas around a research topic and it generally helps your presentation/communication skills.

Reading List

Most papers should be publicly accessible. If any links are broken, please search for them. If any of them require paid subscription, you can access them for free when connecting on campus. For off-campus access, try UCI VPN.

Week 1

Tuesday, April 4

Thursday, April 6 - Security Mindset

  • The Security Mindset, Bruce Schneier. 2008. -- No summary required; Just read this and come to class

Week 2

Tuesday, April 11 - Software Security I

Thursday, April 13 - Software Security II

Week 3

Tuesday, April 18 - Software Security III
- Form your project group by today!

Thursday, April 20 - Malware I

Week 4

Tuesday, April 25 – Malware II

Thursday, April 27 - Smartphone Systems Security

Week 5

Tuesday, May 2 - Pre-Proposal Presentation

       No readings!

Thursday, May 4 - IoT/CPS Systems Security I

Week 6

Tuesday, May 9 - IoT/CPS Systems Security II
- Written proposal due!

Thursday, May 11 – Android Application Security: Guest Lecture, Prof. Joshua Garcia (Informatics)

       No readings!

Week 7

Tuesday, May 16 – IoT/CPS Systems Security III

Thursday, May 18 – Machine Learning Security I

Week 8

Tuesday, May 23 – Machine Learning Security II

Thursday, May 25 – Machine Learning Security III

Week 9

Tuesday, May 30 - Sensor/Analog Security

Thursday, June 1 – Physical Security

Week 10

Tuesday, June 6 – Project Presentation

       No readings!

Thursday, June 8 – Project Presentation

       No readings!

Week 11

Friday, June 16 – Project Report Due!