Hadar Ziv

My Ph.D. Dissertation

I recently turned in my dissertation manuscript to the UCI library.
Here, I make available the following dissertation chapters:
Your feedback on form and content of these chapters is welcome!

Course Information

I teach two courses for UCI Extension, one on object-oriented analysis and design, the other on Windows NT/95 Programming using Visual C++ and MFC.
Textbooks and syllabus for my Object-Oriented Analysis and Design course are likely to change soon, in anticipation of new books on the latest offering of OO methodologies, including
The OPEN Consortium's OML and Rational's UML.
For Tysh, I enclose HTML versions of weeks 1 and 3 of my OOAD course, Week 1,
and Week3.

Research Projects

I develop a hypertext browser, called IVAN, that affords better traceability of software systems by explicit modeling of software uncertainties.
This work is done as part of the Arcadia research project at UC Irvine.

Research Papers

Recently completed three papers on Bayesian-network modeling of software engineering uncertainties.
The first is submitted to ICSM'97 conference, and is titled Constructing Bayesian-network models of software testing and maintenance uncertainties, also in Adobe PDF in
The second is submitted to
International Workshop on Incorporating Hypertext Functionality into Software Systems, to be held in conjunction with the conference on Hypertext'97. This paper is available here in postscript form, under the title Adding Uncertainty to Hypertext Models of Software Systems.
The second paper is submitted to ESEC/FSE 97 conference. The paper is available in postscript form, under the title "Bayesian-network Confirmation of Software Testing Uncertainties."
The same paper in Adobe PDF format (for Acrobat 3.0) is in "Bayesian-network Confirmation of Software Testing Uncertainties."
Please treat all papers as draft submissions, since notification of acceptance is not due until April 1997.
A previous incarnation of this paper was submitted to ICSE 97. The paper in its original, 10-point font, two column style as required by ICSE, is entitled
"The Uncertainty Principle in Software Engineering."
Links to even earlier versions of this paper can also be found in the collection of papers on
Workflow and Process Automation.

Professional Interests

I know a few things about software engineering, software testing, process modeling, and object-oriented analysis and design. I am also interested in Bayesian networks and uncertainty modeling, particularly as they apply to software development.

Object-Oriented Techniques

I am familiar with leading methods for OO analysis and design, including the latest work on the Unified Modeling Language (UML) and the OPEN/MOSES effort.
I am in fact a member of the OPEN Consortium.
A good source of information on OO CASE Tools on the Web can be found Here.
In addition, a collection of more than 2000 links about object-orientation is available at these U.S. mirror sites:
Chicago, Illinois and Provo, Utah.

Bayesian Networks

I am interested in Bayesian networks. There are a few quality pages on this topic, including:
AFIT AI Laboratory
Lonnie Chrisman's Roadmap to Bayesian Research
You can find a Bayesian Network Editor, implemented in Java, in the Bayesian Editor page
and the accompanying implementation of Bayesian updating, courtesy of Fabio Cozman of CMU, at JavaBayes.

Other Interests

Besides the aforementioned professional interests, I like to play soccer and tennis, hike, jog, swim, and play rollerhockey. My favorite rollerhockey arena is the Irvine Hockey Club.
My favorite sport, however, is soccer. A good place to look for the latest soccer information is the ESPN Sports Zone Soccer web page. For additional sports links, check with my friend Neno.
To learn more about me, take a look at my Resume.

Getting started with HTML

UCI's Office of Academic Computing has put together some pointers on how to learn HTML.

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